What is Lampedusa tragedy?

On 3 October 2013, a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa. On 12 October it was reported that the confirmed death toll after searching the boat was 359, but that further bodies were still missing; a figure of “more than 360” deaths was later reported.

How many Eritrean died in Lampedusa?

368 people
On 3 October 2013, a fishing boat carrying Eritrean refugees sank off the island of Lampedusa. At least 368 people died and 155 people survived. It was the deadliest post war disaster in Italy and one that shocked publics across Europe – but we still haven’t heard the survivors version of what actually happened.

What island is the boat of Italy kicking?

Italian coastguard vessels have rescued 539 migrants from a fishing boat drifting off the island of Lampedusa. The rescue on Saturday delivered one of the largest numbers of migrants to the Italian island in a single day. Women and children were among those on board.

Where is Lampedusa Sicily?

Administratively Lampedusa is part of the autonomous region of Sicily in Italy. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea between Malta and Tunisia, 105 miles (170 km) southwest of Licata, Sicily.

What does Lampedusa mean in English?

Lampedusa in British English (ˌlæmpɪˈdjuːzə ) noun. an island in the Mediterranean, between Malta and Tunisia; the largest of Italy’s Pelagian islands.

What is the Lampedusa cross?

Background. The Lampedusa Cross is made from pieces of a boat that was wrecked off the coast of Lampedusa on 11 October 2013. 311 Eritrean and Somali refugees on board the boat were drowned trying to reach Europe fom Libya. Inhabitants of Lampedusa helped to save the lives of 155 other refugees.

What part of Italy is closest to Africa?

Lampedusa is both the southernmost point and the southernmost island of Italy. Politically and administratively, Lampedusa is part of Italy, but geologically it belongs to Africa since the sea between the two is no deeper than 120 metres.

How do you get around Lampedusa?

The best way to get around on Lampedusa is by moped/scooter rental. Several shops rent them around the town for €15-30 per day depending on the season. Another great way to get around is by bicycle which you will find are available for rent around the main town.

What is Lampedusa famous for?

He is most famous for his only novel, Il Gattopardo (first published posthumously in 1958), which is set in his native Sicily during the Risorgimento.

Where did the shipwreck of the Lampedusa migrants happen?

On 3 October 2013, a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa. It was reported that the boat had sailed from Misrata, Libya, but that many of the migrants were originally from Eritrea, Somalia and Ghana.

Who was the captain of the boat that sank at Lampedusa?

Women who were unable to pay were said to have been raped, and men who rebelled were tied up and tortured. The alleged captain of the boat, a 35-year-old Tunisian named as Khaled Bensalam, who was reported to have been deported from Italy in April 2013, was arrested under suspicion of being responsible for the sinking.

Who was the pope at the Lampedusa shipwreck?

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church tweeted “pray [to] God for the victims of the shipwreck off Lampedusa,” while Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta tweeted that it was “an immense tragedy”. António Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, commended the Italian Coast Guard for their quick reaction to the disaster.