What is Latin word for balance?

statera. More Latin words for balance. trutinor verb. balance, weigh.

What is the origin of the word balance?

The word ‘balance’ is Latin in origin. It was first used in English in the Middle Ages. It meant the scales you used to see in markets or your mum’s kitchen, two flat surfaces connected by a beam and poised on a central pivot.

What is the Latin words of value?

Value refers to a “price equal to the intrinsic worth of a thing”.

How do you say balance in other languages?

In other languages balance

  1. American English: balance /ˈbæləns/
  2. Arabic: تَوَازُن
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: equilíbrio.
  4. Chinese: 平衡
  5. Croatian: ravnoteža.
  6. Czech: rovnováha.
  7. Danish: balance.
  8. Dutch: evenwicht.

What is the Sanskrit word for balance?

The name comes from the Sanskrit words tula (तुला) meaning “balance”, and asana (आसन, āsana) meaning “posture” or “seat”.

What are the two types of balance?

Balance is the attainment of optical and pyschological equilibrium in a composition. There are two types of visual balance: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance refers to an even distribution of visual weight on either side of an axis. Asymmetrical balance refers to a pyschological or “felt” balance.

What is balance in PE?

Balance as a component of physical fitness refers to the athlete’s ability to stay in controls of their body’s position. Often this is their ability to remain upright, but this is not always the case.

What is badass in Latin?

badass. ass noun. asinus, asina, onager.

What is unique in Latin?

Sui generis (/ˌsuːi ˈdʒɛnərɪs/ SOO-ee JEN-ər-iss, Latin: [ˈsʊ.iː ˈɡɛnɛrɪs]) is a Latin phrase that means “of its/his/her/their own kind”, “in a class by itself”, therefore “unique”. A number of disciplines use the term to refer to unique entities.

What is a Valore?

noun. boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery: a medal for valor.

What is the meaning of Valere?

In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Valere is: Brave.

What’s the Latin word for balance in Latin?

balance. What’s the Latin word for balance? Here’s how you say it. Latin Translation. statera. More Latin words for balance. trutinor verb. balance, weigh.

Where does the word balance come from in English?

A balance (scale). A rock balanced on one corner. From Middle English balaunce, from Middle French balance, from Late Latin *bilancia, from (accusative form of) Latin bilanx (“two-scaled”), from bi- + lanx (“plate, scale”) . ( uncountable) A state in which opposing forces harmonise; equilibrium.

Which is the correct balance for Level 1?

Each of the first two lines of Level 1 text corresponds to text at the top of one side of the center point. Emphasizes Level 2 text, which is limited to four shapes on each side of the center point. The balance tips towards the side with the most shapes containing Level 2 text.

What’s the balance of power in the world?

The shift in the balance of power online has allowed anyone to publish to the world, from dispirited teenagers in south London to an anonymous cyber-dissident in a Middle East autocracy. ( uncountable) Apparent harmony in art (between differing colours, sounds, etc.).