What is meaning of pre eminent?

: having paramount rank, dignity, or importance : outstanding, supreme.

What’s an eminent scholar?

adj. 1 above others in rank, merit, or reputation; distinguished. an eminent scientist. 2 prenominal noteworthy, conspicuous, or outstanding.

Who was viewed as the pre eminent British dictionary?

Until the completion of the Oxford English Dictionary 173 years later, Johnson’s was viewed as the pre-eminent English dictionary….A Dictionary of the English Language.

Title page from the second edition of the Dictionary
Author Samuel Johnson
Country Great Britain
Language English
Subject Dictionary

What was the meaning of scholar?

1 : a person who attends a school or studies under a teacher : pupil. 2a : a person who has done advanced study in a special field. b : a learned person. 3 : a holder of a scholarship.

What’s the difference between eminent and preeminent?

“Eminent” means “well-known” or “respected.” Most dictionaries will also define “eminent” as “prominent,” in the sense of standing out or conspicuous. In “preeminent,” the “pre” means “ahead” or “first.” A preeminent scientist surpasses others in their field or specialty.

What does Exponded mean?

1a : to set forth : state. b : to defend with argument. 2 : to explain by setting forth in careful and often elaborate detail expound a law. intransitive verb.

What is an example of a scholar?

The definition of a scholar is a learned or well-educated person, especially one who excels in a particular field or subject. A person who gets a masters degree is an example of a scholar. A student who holds or has held a particular scholarship. One who attends school or studies with a teacher; a student.

Who is the best scholar in the world?

B R Ambedkar declared no. 1 scholar in world by colombia University.

What does preeminence mean in the Bible?

: the quality or state of being preeminent : superiority.

Can you expound something?

When you expound, you explain or provide details. Expound came into English from a 14th-century French word espondre meaning “to elaborate” or “put forth.” Often when you expound something you are clarifying or giving the particulars.

Which is the best definition of the word pre-eminent?

pre-eminent. adjective outstanding, supreme, paramount, chief, excellent, distinguished, superior, renowned, foremost, consummate, predominant, transcendent, unrivalled, incomparable, peerless, unsurpassed, unequalled, matchless He is the pre-eminent political figure in the country.

Who is the pre-eminent poet of all time?

As, in the serious style, Homer is pre-eminent among poets, for he alone combined dramatic form with excellence of imitation, so he too first laid down the main lines of Comedy, by dramatising the ludicrous instead of writing personal satire.

Who was considered to be pre-eminent in Rome?

In the first case this liberality is dangerous, in the second it is very necessary to be considered liberal; and Caesar was one of those who wished to become pre-eminent in Rome; but if he had survived after becoming so, and had not moderated his expenses, he would have destroyed his government.

Who is the pre-eminent intensifier in the world?

Among the 50- to 91-year-olds, very is the pre – eminent intensifier. Starting with an obviously pre – eminent erudition and an enviable range of knowledge, he has assembled great forces of evidence and argument. It is not possible to specify the magnitude of this role and this article does not assume that the role has been pre – eminent .