What is meant by stank face?

According to the urban dictionary, a stank face is “a human facial expression identified by a flaring of the nostrils and a raised bag of the upper lip.”

Why do people do the stank face?

There’s a long tradition of reacting to something particularly funky with stank face. It’s a sign of respect, and for musicians like me, a sign that you’re doing it really right.

What does a stink face mean?

Filters. (wrestling) A humiliating wrestling move in which a wrestler rubs his/her exposed buttocks in their opponent’s face. noun.

Where did the stank face come from?

Stank face: A human facial expression identified by a flaring of the nostrils and raising of the upper lip which is caused by 70s influenced funk bass playing.

What does stank stank?

(African American Vernacular, slang, derogatory) Foul-smelling, stinking, unclean. adjective.

Why do musicians get stank face?

In my music circles (jazz, soul, hip hop), “stank face” is a facial expression on a person who is playing or hearing something really dope or funky. It’s a positive reaction to something musical that just hits you and you gotta yell “WOO GOD DAMN”. Basically Stank -> Stink -> Funky -> Good.

What does a powerful stink mean?

1 : a strong offensive odor : stench. 2 : a public outcry against something : fuss made a big stink when asked to leave.

Why do cats make a stink face?

“Stinky face” is actually called the flehmen response (or flehmen grimace) and is a cat’s way of analyzing an unfamiliar scent, most often in the form of pheromones. Some scientists believe that the flehmen response is something between a sense of smell and taste – making it almost like a sixth sense.

What is stank face music?

Stank Face, n: A unique facial expression characterized by the wrinkling of the nose, squinting of the eyes, and swinging of the head, typically displayed by someone who is listening to a very impressive, usually soulful musical performance.

What does this mean stink?

1 : to emit a strong offensive odor stank of urine. 2 : to be offensive the election stank of corruption also : to be in bad repute. 3 : to possess something to an offensive degree stinking with wealth. 4 : to be extremely bad or unpleasant the performance stank that news really stinks.