What is mooc design?

Designing a MOOC, however, is anything but trivial. It involves developing content, learning activities, and assessments to accommodate both the massiveness and openness of the course. In this paper, we present a case study of a MOOC grant and a series of decisions made in its development.

Which design thinking course is best?

4. The best design thinking certification programs

  1. IDEO U: Foundations in Design Thinking Certificate.
  2. Cornell University: Design Thinking Certificate.
  3. Stanford University: Design Thinking Bootcamp.
  4. The Design Gym: Design Thinking Bootcamp.
  5. MIT School of Management: Mastering Design Thinking.

What is design thinking course about?

Courses in design thinking prepare you for design thinking approaches to business and product creation. Design Thinking Fundamentals from the Rochester Institute of Technology introduces you to the basic principles of design thinking, centering your approach to problem-solving around human beings.

How can I learn design thinking?

Design Thinking Process

  1. Frame a Question. Inspire your team to think about your customers (who you’re designing a solution for) and what they actually need.
  2. Gather Inspiration.
  3. Generate Ideas.
  4. Make Ideas Tangible.
  5. Test to Learn.
  6. Share the Story.

What are the tools for Moocs?

What are the best MOOC platforms to take online courses? Here are our top 10:

  • Canvas Network.
  • iversity.
  • Cognitive Class.
  • Kadenze.
  • Coursera.
  • Khan Academy.
  • edX.
  • Udacity.

How do you make a MOOC?

Ten Simple Rules for Developing a MOOC

  1. Rule 1: Educator Mission—Establish the Purpose.
  2. Rule 2: What Is a MOOC?— Experience a MOOC Firsthand.
  3. Rule 3: Select a MOOC Provider.
  4. Rule 4: Decide on Subject Matter.
  5. Rule 5: Determine Governance.
  6. Rule 6: Design Your MOOC.
  7. Rule 7: Pilot Test Your MOOC.
  8. Rule 8: Promote the MOOC.

What are the design thinking tools?

Best tools for each Design Thinking stage

  • Empathize: Typeform, Zoom, Creatlr.
  • Define: Smaply, Userforge, MakeMyPersona.
  • Ideate: SessionLab, Stormboard, IdeaFlip.
  • Prototype: Boords, Mockingbird, POP.
  • Test: UserTesting, HotJar, PingPong.
  • For the complete process: Sprintbase, InVision, Mural, Miro.

How much does design thinking cost?

Cost: Free; $299 for a certificate. Part of a longer edX MicroMasters program on Design Thinking, this class covers the basics of design thinking, teaching you how to use design to solve problems.

What are design thinking skills?

Design thinking is a problem-solving method used to deal with our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. The Stanford’s Institute of Design popularized design thinking as a way to understand the customer by challenging assumptions and refining the problems in an iterative process.