What is nocturnal penile tumescence monitoring?

Nocturnal penile tumescence testing involves placing several bands around the penis, connected to a device such as the Rigiscan monitor, and instructing the patient to wear the assembly for 2 or 3 successive nights.

What is nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity?

Nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity with at least 1 erectile episode of tip penile rigidity greater than 60% and 10 minutes in duration may be associated with potency. Mean rigidity and tumescence activity unit values per hour of a recording may be used as objective parameters to measure overall erectile activity.

How do you monitor erectile dysfunction?


  1. Physical exam. This might include careful examination of your penis and testicles and checking your nerves for sensation.
  2. Blood tests.
  3. Urine tests (urinalysis).
  4. Ultrasound.
  5. Psychological exam.

How long does nocturnal penile tumescence last?

Since there are several sleep cycles per night, men can have as many as five erections per night and these can last up to 20 or 30 minutes.

What is a penile rigidity test?

Throughout the night, the machine repeatedly measures how much blood is in your penis (tumescence) and how well it can resist bending or buckling (rigidity). This test can be repeated several nights in a row. The results from each night are stored on the machine so your doctor can download and analyze it.

How can you test for erectile dysfunction at home?

Another test called a penile plethysmograph can be performed by individuals themselves at home. This test uses a device to distinguish between physical and psychological ED as a man watches or listens to sexual material.

Why do guys get turned on at night?

Men have several night-time erections The cause of night-time erections is not fully understood. But studies suggest they’re closely associated with the phase of sleep known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is when dreaming is most common.

Why do I get erect when lying down?

Nocturnal penile tumescence, which is sometimes called morning wood, may be caused by hormonal changes during the night or physical stimulation from contact with the bed sheets. A healthy male will typically experience 3 to 5 erections while asleep, each lasting 25 to 35 minutes.