What is RY4 in e juice?

If you don’t know what Ry4 is, it’s a tobacco, vanilla, and caramel blend. It’s not really a tobacco flavor, it just has a hint of tobacco to it. Some variations are sweet and some aren’t. Some have more vanilla than others and some have more caramel.

Is RY4 a salt Nic?

Custard RY4 is a classic tobacco blend with hints of caramel, vanilla and custard. Made of true-rated premium salt nicotine.

What does RY4 stand for?

They started in the lab of a Dekang factory in China with some basic flavors they both agreed on and made various “test juices” tweaking the recipe along the way. After about four hours, they came up with the one they liked best, and they christened it Ruyan 4—” the name was abbreviated to RY4.”

What is RY4 flavor?

RY4 concentrate is a complex and tasty blend of tobacco with a sweet caramel taste that has been a huge favourite among vapers in the UK, US and Asia for many years. The added hint of vanilla and chocolate ensures that this sweet tobacco flavor has the perfect balance of tobacco verses sweet taste to suit everyone.

Why is it called RY4?

What Flavour is RY4?

Our RY4 Tobacco is a blended tobacco eliquid with caramel and a hint of chocolate and vanilla. It is a perfect for someone who is looking for a sweet tobacco flavour or making the switch from traditional cigarettes.

What does RY4 mean?

What is the taste of RY4?

RY4 has a hint of tobacco, but the caramel and vanilla fill in taste notes that would otherwise make tobacco e-juice taste strange. RY4 is a familiar, pleasant taste with just enough tobacco taste to satisfy an ex-tobacco-smoker.

What does salt Nic mean?

Nicotine Salts, or salt nicotine, is created when nicotine base is combined with an acid or multiple acids. This process creates a salt nicotine solution and reduces the throat hit on higher strength nicotine vape juice.

Why do I need to buy Dekang liquid?

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What are the different flavors of ry4 tobacco?

A Brief History of RY4 Tobacco Flavor. RY4 is an umbrella term for a flavor profile that incorporates three basic component flavors: a tobacco base (usually mild and understated, but occasionally stronger and more up front), caramel, and vanilla. The caramels and vanillas are as varied as the tobacco bases.

What kind of mods do I need for Dekang?

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