What is scrotal reconstruction?

Scrotal reconstruction is a difficult problem following infection, trauma or tumour resection. The focus of classic reconstructive options remains occlusive and aesthetic with little regard for testicular function.

What is the CPT code for Umbilectomy?

Once in a Lifetime Procedures List

Family Umbilectomy
Code Description
49250 Umbilectomy, omphalectomy, excision of umbilicus (separate procedure)

What CPT code replaced 19304?

Code 19304 for subcutaneous mastectomy has been deleted. To report breast reduction or tissue removal for gynecomastia, see 19300, mastectomy for gynecomastia. For breast tissue removal for breast-size reduction for other than gynecomastia, use 19318, reduction mammoplasty.

How much does a Scrotoplasty cost?

Scrotoplasty can tighten the excess skin and muscle tissue around the scrotum, and often leads to increased sexual confidence and less physical discomfort in many men. This outpatient surgical procedure is considered safe for good candidates, produces permanent results, and can cost up to $6,000.

Can you bill for G-tube removal?

Intubation of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., percutaneous placement of G-tube, CPT code 43246) includes subsequent removal of the tube. CPT codes such as 43247 (upper gastrointestinal endoscopic removal of foreign body) should not be reported for routine removal of previously placed therapeutic devices.

How do you code bilateral cerumen removal?

For bilateral impacted cerumen removal, report code 69210 with modifier 50, Bilateral Procedure, appended.

What replaced CPT 20926?

For 2020, code 20926 will be deleted and replaced with five new codes (15769–15774) in the Integumentary System, Other Flaps and Grafts subsection.

What is included in CPT code 19380?

CPT 19380 is used when a revision is made to an already reconstructed breast that includes significant removal of tissue; re-ad- vancement and/or re-inset of flaps in autol- ogous reconstruction; or significant capsular revisions combined with soft-tissue excision in implant-based reconstruction.

What’s the CPT code for a scrotum repair?

I’m not sure if I should be coding the repair for the scrotum (cpt code 55175), as the doctor’s repairing a scrotal laceration after a traumatic injury. He was brought into the ER and it was decided that he needed surgery.

What is the CPT code for cystocele repair?

CPT Codes (Alphabetical) Procedure CPT Code Cysto/DVIU 52276 Cystocele repair 57240 Diagnosis 752.69 DMSO Code J1212

What is the old CPT code for urology?

Old CPT code descriptor: CPT 54640 – Orchiopexy, inguinal approach, with or without hernia repair New CPT code descriptor: CPT 54640 – Orchiopexy, inguinal or scrotal approach

What is the CPT code for adrenalectomy?

CPT Code. Adrenalectomy. 60540. Artificial Urinary Sphincter. 53445. Artificial Urinary Sphincter removal. 53446. Abdominal exploration/laparotomy.