What is TCI History Alive?

The Medieval World and Beyond is a series of social studies and history textbooks published by Teachers’ Curriculum Institute (TCI). TCI was cofounded by Jim Lobdell.

What does TCI curriculum stand for?

2440 W. El Camino Real, Suite 400, Mountain View, CA 94040.

How many chapters are in TCI?

23 chapters in TCI History Alive America’s Past: Online Textbook Help. This lesson will define and explore the study of geography.

Who made history alive?

Walt Disney Educational
History Alive was a short lived live-action educational series originally produced in early 1970s by Walt Disney Educational. The series dealt with American history.

What is the TCI approach?

History Alive and Social Studies Alive textbooks are written considerate text, which “involves four stages: previewing the content, reading, taking notes, and processing the content or reviewing and applying what has been learned.” TCI also provides step-by-step teacher resources and maintains an online community of …

How do I get a TCI account?

Step 1: Go to www.teachtci.com. Step 2: Click on the “Student Sign In” button (upper right corner). Step 3: Click on the green “Create Account” button. Step 4: Enter the required fields.

How do you reset lessons on TCI?

Where to find the ‘Restart Lesson Games’ setting? You can find this in ‘Student Views and Features’ of your ‘Settings’ menu. When ‘Restart Lesson Games’ is ‘On’: Students are able to use the ‘Restart’ button to start the game over.

What is TCI science?

California Science Curriculum by TCI TCI offers interactive online science textbooks and curriculums that students will love. Our online science textbook makes it easier than ever to prepare classroom lessons and keep students engaged in their learning.

Where is TCI located?

Turks and Caicos Islands, overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the West Indies. It consists of two groups of islands lying on the southeastern periphery of The Bahamas, of which they form a physical part, and north of the island of Hispaniola.

Who wrote the history alive textbook?

Bert Bower
Jim Lobdell
History Alive! textbooks/Authors

Who is the author of TCI History Alive?

Wendy Frey
History alive!

Author: Wendy Frey; Diane Hart; Teachers’ Curriculum Institute.
Publisher: Palo Alto, CA : TCI, 2004-2005.
Edition/Format: Print book : EnglishView all editions and formats

How does TCI history alive the medieval world and beyond?

This TCI History Alive -The Medieval World and Beyond Textbook Companion Course uses simple and fun videos to help students learn about medieval times and world history and earn a better grade.

What can you do with History Alive program?

Imagine your students traveling back in time to ancient Egypt in a history lesson, experiencing the American Revolution through a game of capture the flag, or examining and discovering fascinating primary sources. TCI’s History Alive! programs are revolutionizing teaching and learning in classrooms everywhere with lessons like these.

What can you do with a TCI program?

Former students remember the creative opportunities to act out important historical events and gain perspective beyond reading a book or watching a video allows. TCI affords students the opportunity to inquire, role play, debate, question, and craft their own learning in a meaningful way.

What is the philosophy and philosophy of TCI?

TCI’s philosophy is grounded in the goal of creating inclusive classroom communities in which students learn about the world through multiple perspectives and make connections to their own lives. Accuracy and diversity drive TCI’s curriculum-development process.