What is the 1-800-Quit-Now toll free number?

What is 1-800-QUIT-NOW? 1-800-QUIT-NOW is a toll-free number operated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that will connect you directly to your state’s tobacco quitline. The number serves as a national portal to link callers to their state quitline based on their area code.

How to request a stop payment from Wells Fargo?

You can request a stop payment through Wells Fargo Online (check only), by phone (check and ACH items) or by visiting your local branch and speaking with a banker. To place stop payments for a check or ACH item via phone please call 1-800-TO-WELLS ( 1-800-869-3557 ).

Is there a fee for a stop payment on a blank check?

There is a stop payment fee. For fee information for your account, please refer to your Consumer Account Fee and Information Schedule or call us at 1-800-TO-WELLS ( 1-800-869-3557 ). There is no fee for placing stop payments on lost or stolen blank checks.

When is a stop payment request not effective?

Stop Payment requests on checks are not effective if, either before or within 24 hours from the time when the stop payment was requested, PNC Bank cashes the check or has become otherwise legally obligated for its payment.

When was the national network of 1-800-QUIT-NOW created?

The Network was created in 2004 as part of a US Department of Health and Human Services cessation initiative that also included CDC funding for states to develop or improve their quitline services. The Network is a partnership between the NCI and CDC. NCI manages and supports the telecommunication costs associated with 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

When did 1-800-Quit-Now start in California?

Based on the California Smokers’ Helpline’s previous experience serving callers who speak Asian languages, the CDC provided additional funding to California beginning in 2012 to extend these services nationwide.

Where can I find information on state quitlines?

You can find information on state quitlines’ call volume and the number of tobacco users they serve in the CDC’s State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation System [ https://www.cdc.gov/statesystem/quitline.html ].