What is the alt code for a check box?

ALT Codes for Check Mark, Cross (X) Mark & Ballot Box Symbols

Symbol ALT Code Symbol Name
ALT 9744 Ballot box, check box, tick box
ALT 9745 Ballot box with check
ALT 9746 Ballot box with X
ALT 9989 White heavy check mark

How can I insert a checkmark in Excel?

Using the Symbols Dialog Box

  1. Select the cell in which you want the check mark symbol.
  2. Click the Insert tab in the ribbon.
  3. Click on the Symbol icon.
  4. In the Symbol dialog box that opens, select ‘Segoe UI Symbol’ as the font.
  5. Scroll down till you find the check mark symbol and the double click on it (or click on Insert).

What is the shortcut for check box in Excel?

You can also use the keyboard shortcut (Control + D). Note: The copied checkboxes are linked to the same cell as that of the original checkbox. You need to manually change the cell link for each checkbox.

How do you type a checkmark box?

Insert checkbox symbol in Word

  1. Put the cursor at the place you will insert the checkbox symbol, and click Insert > Symbol > More Symbols.
  2. In the opening Symbol dialog box, please (1) choose Wingdings 2 from Font draw down list; (2) select one of specified checkbox symbols you will add; (3) click the Insert button.

How do I insert a checkmark in Excel 2016?

Go to the Insert tab > Symbols group, and click Symbol. In the Symbol dialog box, on the Symbols tab, click the drop-down arrow next to the Font box, and select Wingdings. A couple of checkmark and cross symbols can be found at the bottom of the list. Select the symbol of your choosing, and click Insert.

How do I insert a checkbox into sheets?

Insert checkboxes

  1. On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Select the cells you want to have checkboxes.
  3. In the menu at the top, click Insert. Checkbox.
  4. To remove checkboxes, select the checkboxes you want to remove and press Delete.

How do you type Alt codes without a numeric keypad?


  1. Open Character Map by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking System Tools, and then clicking Character Map.
  2. In the Font list, type or select the font you want to use.
  3. Click the special character you want to insert into the document.

What is the alt code for making a checkmark?

Position the cursor where you want to insert the symbol. Hold down the Alt key and use the number keypad to enter the character code—that’s 0252 for the plain checkmark and 0254 for the boxed checkmark.

How do you put a checkmark in Excel?

Steps Open Excel. Click the Blank option. Select a cell. Click the Insert tab. Click Symbol. Click the “Font” drop-down box. Click Wingdings 2. Select the checkmark. Click Insert.

How to add or insert check mark symbol in Excel?

place the cursor where you want to insert the symbol.

  • Open the Symbol dialog box: Word or Outlook: Insert > Symbols > More Symbols Excel: Insert > Symbols PowerPoint: Insert > Symbols > Symbol The Symbols button is on the
  • select Wingdings.
  • How to place check marks on Excel?

    P to insert a capital P.

  • select the Wingdings 2 font.
  • use the Align buttons to center the check mark horizontally and vertically.
  • O to insert a capital O and change the font color to red.