What is the difference between GuideStar and Charity Navigator?

GuideStar is the largest source of nonprofit information and has collected results information from more than 13,000 nonprofits. Charity Navigator is the largest independent evaluator and rater of nonprofits, analyzing 9,000 organizations.

How trustworthy is Charity Navigator?

Charity Navigator currently provides star ratings for more than 9,000 charitable organizations and an Encompass rating for more than 150,000, making us America’s largest charity evaluator. Even if we don’t rate a charity, you can still find basic information about it on its listing our site.

What’s the highest rating on Charity Navigator?

10 Charities with the Most Consecutive 4-Star Ratings

Rank Charity Overall Score
1 Institute for Justice 96.93
2 United Way of Central Alabama 98.23
3 NEADS Inc. 98.18
4 PAWS Chicago 97.08

Who owns Charity Navigator?

Charity Navigator

Formation 2001
CEO Michael Thatcher
Chief Ratings Technology Officer Stephen Rockwell
Chief Relationship Officer Kevin Scally
Chief Admin Officer Nancy Sadek

What does a GuideStar Platinum rating mean?

Seal of Transparency
The Platinum Seal of Transparency indicates that the Foundation shares clear and important information with the public about our goals, strategies, capabilities, achievements and progress indicators that highlight the difference the Foundation makes in the world.

What is the benefit of GuideStar?

Research links earning a GuideStar Seal of Transparency to a 53% increase in contributions for nonprofits. Seals give funders insights into your organization, enabling educated grant giving decisions. It’s easy and free to earn Seals—get started today.

What Charity Navigator looks for?

Charity Navigator launches its Encompass Rating System, expanding the number of charities we rate from 9,000 to 160,000. It will assess nonprofits on four beacons: Finance & Accountability, Impact & Results, Leadership & Adaptability and Culture & Community.

What does a gold rating on GuideStar mean?

The GuideStar Seals of Transparency The levels are: Bronze—basic information so your organization can be found. Silver—program information and brand details. Gold—financials and people information. Platinum—goals and the difference you’re making.

How many charities are rated by GuideStar Charity Navigator?

In November 2017, CN partnered with GuideStar, Classy, and GlobalGiving to display impact-related data on 2,462 rated charity profiles. In fiscal year ending June 30, 2019, we added a fourth partner, ImpactMatters, and increased the number of charities with impact-related data to 17,782 on both rated and unrated charity profiles.

What does Charity Navigator do for a nonprofit?

Charity Navigator collaborates with other nonprofit management experts to expand the breadth, depth, and reach of the information, tools, and ratings it provides. What have they accomplished so far and what’s next?

When did Charity Navigator start the CN advisory system?

In 2010, Charity Navigator launched the CN Advisory System to alert donors of nonprofit organizations that have or are alleged to have engaged in unethical or illegal activities. As of July 1, 2019, there are 518 charities listed with an advisory.

When did GuideStar stop tracking charities fiscal year?

Numbers provided are per fiscal year ending June 30. This metric is no longer tracked. Numbers provided are per fiscal year ending June 30. This metric is no longer tracked. Numbers provided are per fiscal year ending June 30. This metric is no longer tracked. Numbers provided are per fiscal year ending June 30.