What is the difference between Murray cod and Trout Cod?

Murray cod generally have a concave head profile with a relatively blunt, broad snout, whereas trout cod have a straight or slightly convex profile with a more pointed, narrower snout. If it has a pointy snout, let it go.

Can you keep Murray cod in a tank?

The Murray Cod is an iconic Australian fish. In the first few years of life the Murray Cod will grow extremely large whether it’s in a tank or pond. With this in mind you should not keep these in a small tank, they should be started in at least a 3 foot tank even then they will out-grow this after a couple of years.

What fish do Murray cod eat?

Murray Cod behaviour Their diet is mostly other fish, including introduced species such as perch, juvenile carp and goldfish. It’s also been known to eat ducks, cormorants, freshwater turtles, water dragons, snakes, mice, and frogs.

How do you know if cod is trout?

A prominent feature often used to identify Trout Cod is a dark horizontal eye stripe on the side of the head. However, the eye stripe should not be used as the only identification feature as juvenile Murray Cod can also possess a similar stripe and the stripe can often be absent, broken or indistinct on Trout Cod.

Can I keep Trout Cod?

It is illegal to catch and keep, buy, sell, possess or harm Trout Cod (or any other threatened species in NSW) without a specific permit, licence or other appropriate approval, and significant penalties apply. For endangered species, these penalties can include fines of up to $220,000 and up to 2 years in prison.

Are Trout Cod protected?

Trout cod were once common and abundant throughout the Murray-Darling Basin but are now listed on the IUCN as endangered due to overfishing, degradation of habitat and the introduction of invasive Trout species. The species is now totally protected.

How old is a 1 Metre Murray cod?

Fossils of fish anatomically identical to modern Murray cod have been unearthed in NSW from strata dating to 26 millions years ago. However, it is possible the species is as old as the Murray-Darling Basin itself about 50 to 60 million years.

How old is a Metre Cod?

The species matures at 4–5 years of age and 500–600 mm total length, and spawns in spring and early summer when water temperatures exceed about 15°C. Eggs are large (3–3.5 mm diameter), adhesive and usually deposited onto a hard surface such as logs, rocks or clay banks.

How old is a 1 Metre Murray Cod?

Is Murray cod safe to eat?

It means the only Murray cod you’ll be consuming today is exclusively and sustainably farmed – mostly sold live in sizes ranging from 600g to 1kg. It’s a good thing, because the Murray cod is arguably our greatest eating fish. The big barrel-shaped fish has a huge mouth and small eyes set well forward on its head.

Can you keep trout cod?

Are trout cod protected?

Where to find trout cod in the Murray River?

Anglers who fish in waters where trout cod occur need to be able to differentiate the species from Murray cod. This is because trout cod are an endangered species and are totally protected by law. The water where you are most likely to encounter trout cod is in the Murray River from Yarrawonga downstream to the Barmah Forest.

What’s the difference between a trout and a cod?

The key differences for an angler between these two closely related species are in the following areas (this is not intended to be a scientific description): Trout cod usually have a black or at least dark horizontal stripe on the side of the head, level with the pupil of the eye, although sometimes the stripe is missing, broken or indistinct.

Are there restrictions on fishing for trout cod?

Fishing for trout cod is subject to certain rules and restrictions, including: Trout cod populations nationally in all other rivers, streams and impoundments continue to remain threatened and are not permitted to be caught. How to tell the difference between Trout cod and Murray cod?

Where does the trout cod grow in NSW?

Trout Cod can grow to 85cm and 16kg, but are more common to 50cm and 1.5kg. The Trout Cod is endemic to the southern Murray-Darling river system, including the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers, and the Macquarie River in central NSW.