What is the greater tubercle?

The greater tuberosity is the prominent area of bone at the top of the humerus and is the attachment for the two large, powerful rotator cuff muscles – supraspinatus and infraspinatus. It is injured/fractured in a fall by either landing directly onto the side of your shoulder or landing with your arm outstretched.

What muscles originate on the greater tubercle?

Muscle Attachments

Muscle Attachment
Supraspinatus Greater Tubercle
Infraspinatus Greater Tubercle
Teres Minor Greater Tubercle Upper Part of the Lateral Border
Subscapularis Lesser Tubercle

How can you tell the difference between a greater and lesser tubercle?

The lateral surface of the greater tubercle is convex, rough, and continuous with the lateral surface of the body. The Lesser Tubercle (tuberculum minus; lesser tuberosity). —The lesser tubercle, although smaller, is more prominent than the greater: it is situated in front, and is directed medialward and forward.

Is greater tuberosity the same as greater tubercle?

Discussing them further, the greater tuberosity of the humerus is a prominent area of the humerus at the top of the bone. Perhaps, it is known as the greater tubercle along with the lesser tubercle.

How do you find the greater tubercle?

FIGURE 5-11 Greater tubercle, bicipital groove, and lesser tubercle of the humerus: The greater tubercle is located on the lateral side of the bicipital groove; the lesser tubercle is located on the medial side.

How can I make my tubercle feel greater?

humeral head Palpate in the axilla, posterior to the tendon of the pectoralis major. Passively abduct your partner’s arm to feel the head move inferiorly. greater tuberosity This structure is located about 1/2″ below the lateral edge of the anterior acromion process.

Is greater tubercle medial or lateral?

The greater tubercle is situated lateral to the head and lesser tubercle. Its upper surface is rounded and marked by three flat impressions: the highest of these gives insertion to the Supraspinatus; the middle to the Infraspinatus; the lowest one, and the body of the bone for about 2.5 cm.

Is a tuberosity smaller than a tubercle?

The muscles attach by tendons, where the enthesis is the connective tissue between the tendon and bone. A tuberosity is generally a larger tubercle.

What inserts on the greater tuberosity?

The greater tuberosity is located laterally on the humerus and has anterior and posterior surfaces. It serves as an attachment site for three of the rotator cuff muscles – supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor – they attach to superior, middle and inferior facets (respectively) on the greater tuberosity.

Is a greater tuberosity fracture painful?

When a person fractures their greater tuberosity there are several symptoms they may experience. The most common symptoms are pain when lifting or moving the arm, swelling, and limited motion in the shoulder.

What is tubercle?

A tubercle is a small rounded point of a bone. It also refers to a nodule attached to bone, mucous membrane (moist layer lining parts of the body), or skin. The term tubercle is less commonly used to refer to skin irritation resulting from a tuberculosis (TB) infection.

What are the attachments of the greater tubercle?

Attachments of Greater Tubercle The upper surface of the greater tubercle is rounded, and marked by three flat impressions: the highest (“superior facet”) gives insertion to the supraspinatus muscle. the middle (“middle facet”) gives insertion to the infraspinatus muscle.

Which is the greater tubercle of the humerus?

greater tubercle (of humerus) great·er tu·ber·cle (of hu·mer·us) [TA] the larger of the two tubercles next to the head of the humerus; it gives attachment to the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor muscles.

What is the medical definition of a tubercle?

[ too´ber-k’l] 1. a nodule or small eminence, especially one on a bone, for attachment of a tendon; see also tuber and tuberosity. Called also tuberculum. adj., adj tuber´cular, tuber´culate. 2. a small, rounded nodule produced by the bacillus of tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis).

Is the greater tubercle of the rotator cuff fractured?

The fourth muscle of the rotator cuff ( subscapularis muscle) does not attach to the greater tubercle, but instead attaches to the lesser tubercle . The greater tubercle may be fractured, but is quite rare. The greater tubercle is usually the easiest part of the humerus to palpate. It can be a useful surface landmark during surgery.