What is the horsepower of a Yamaha VX?

2021 WaveRunner Horsepower Chart

Model MSRP ($) HP
Yamaha VX 10049 125
Yamaha VX Deluxe 10849 125
Yamaha VX Cruiser 11149 125
Yamaha VX Cruiser HO 12049 180

How fast is a VX Cruiser HO?

Top speed of the 2021 Yamaha VX Limited HO? We clocked 62.3 mph. Handling is aggressive but confidence-inspiring, with nice agility in the corners and plenty of stability at top speed.

How much oil does a Yamaha VX Cruiser take?

VX Deluxe : Color & Specifications

Available Colors White with Torch Red or Carbon
Lubrication System Dry Sump
Total Oil Capacity (liter) 3.5
Storage Capacity (liter) 113.9
Rider Capacity 1-3 persons

How much HP does the Yamaha gp1800 have?

The engine produces a reliable 350 horsepower which delivers incredible acceleration and a top speed of 86mph.

How much HP does the Yamaha gp1800 SVHO have?

Specs GP1800R SVHO ULTRA 310R
Performance (HP) 250 310
Displacement (cc) 1812 1498
Supercharged Yes Yes
Cylinders 4 4

When did the Yamaha VXR PwC come out?

It’s always been the bestselling PWC in the world since Yamaha first introduced it in 2005. 2011: The VXR was initially introduced with a VX hull, made of “NanoXcel” an ultra-lightweight material. It was also equipped with a 1.8L High Output Engine. Of all runabout models that existed in the industry at the time, the VXR had the lightest body.

Is the 2012 Yamaha VX cruiser a good boat?

2012 Yamaha VX Cruiser The right features at the right price. The most comfortable and affordable personal watercraft is back and better than ever. The VX Cruiser is the perfect choice for budget-minded families looking for a full-featured watercraft, packed with amenities not found on comparably-priced units.

What are the colors of the 2012 Yamaha VXR?

The only addition for 2012 is a choice in color. Riders can now choose between a VXR in Carbon or one in Crimson Red Metallic. I’ve heard many riders describe this simple approach as almost freeing. Rather than have extras to contend with, they just focus on the ride, much like the days of the no-frills stand-ups.

Is the Yamaha VXR engine a good match?

As it turns out, the engine is actually a good match for the VXR hull. Saddled with introductory duties until last year (although VX models have arguably proven popular with far beyond just introductory riders), this platform has always shown potential in the handling department.