What is the meaning of Peki?

Peki is a town in the South Dayi District in the Volta Region of Ghana. It comprises eight subtowns, each with a subchief – Tsame, Avetile, Afeviwofe, Blengo, Dzake, Wudome, Dzobati and Adzokoe. All of these subchiefs swear allegiance to a paramount chief known as Deiga.

What language is Peki?

peki – Translation from Slovenian into English | PONS.

What does the name sterben mean?

(to) die, (we/they) die/are dying, died.

What is full kepi?

Acronym. Definition. KEPI. Kenya Expanded Programme on Immunization (Kenya Ministry of Health)

What is the English of Peke?

noun. informal. A Pekinese dog. ‘The tiny peke dog also wears four diamond-like jewels as a collar.

What does sterban mean in German?

Verb. sterban strong class III. to die, become lifeless.

What does waidmannsheil mean?

good hunting!
„Waidmannsheil“: Neutrum good hunting! good hunting!

When was the kepi invented?

The kepi was formerly the most common headgear in the French Army. Its predecessor originally appeared during the 1830s, in the course of the initial stages of the occupation of Algeria, as a series of various lightweight cane-framed cloth undress caps called casquette d’Afrique.

Why is it called a forage cap?

History. In the 18th century, forage caps were small cloth caps worn by British cavalrymen when undertaking work duties such as foraging for food for their horses. The term was later applied to undress caps worn by men of all branches and regiments as a substitute for the full dress headdress.

What does Pekwa mean in Tagalog?

Card games in the Philippines Pekwa is the Philippine name for the game Fan Tan (or Card Dominoes), played with the standard 52-card pack.

What does Peke mean in Tagalog?

Translation for word Peke in Tagalog is : kasalan.

Who wears a kepi?

Belgian Railways conductors (but not train drivers or other personnel) wear a kepi as part of their daily uniform. A form of kepi modeled on the Austrian ski-cap was the standard headgear of uniformed British Rail male employees from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s.

Where did the name Peki in buqei come from?

However, there is evidence that the identification of Rabbinic Peki’in with Peki’in-Buqei’a is of Ottoman time, and other sites in the vicinity of Rehovot have also been suggested. The first writing where the name Peki’in undoubtedly refers to this village is from a 1765 Hebrew travel book.

Who are the people of the city of Peki?

Peki was there reduced to Metropolitan Peki composed of Blengo (capital; and residence of Kwadzo Dei the king of Peki), Anum, Boso, Avetile, Dzake, Tsame, Aƒeviwoƒe, Dzogbati, Seremase, Adzokoe, Anyirawase, Tsito, Aveŋui, Kwanta, Tsibu, Bame, Kpalime, Ɖoɖi, Toseng, Tonkor, Tsate, Kayera, Nkwakubio, To and Ʋegbe.

Where was the first Peki Forest Grove located?

The first being a collection off gatherers, iron smelters, hunters and harvesters mainly autochthonous elements who bear the name Peki and occupied that forest grove located between two mountains ranges called Eyeto (sun mountain) and Akpato (fish mountain).

Where is Peki located on the Gold Coast?

Geographically, Peki is located on latitude 6* 32’ 00”N and longitude 00* 14’ 00”E. Peki was first visited by Portuguese traders who sailed along the Gulf coast later named the Gold Coast when these forest inhabitants supplied hides, honey, ivory and later cotton and palm kernel.