What is the music on the Mercedes-Benz A Class advert?

Mercedes-Benz gives viewers a close-up look at the impressive looking interior and exterior of their new A-Class in this ‘Technology at your fingertips’ TV advert. Song Title: Yellow. Artist: Jonas Max Paul Meyer.

Who sings the song in the Mercedes-Benz commercial plush?

Elijah Aaron
The ad is titled, “Plushie” and you can watch it here: Voiceover for this ad is performed by actor Jon Hamm. The song used in the ad is called “Your Sweet Heart” by Elijah Aaron.

Who is the actress in the Mercedes A Class advert?

Work, schedule and fame are the last things on Alicia Keys’s mind as she drives down the oceanside with her children. Family and safety are the only things that matter the most as she drives them back from the beach in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Who is in the new Mercedes commercial?

Posted by Universal Music Publishing 15 Februar 2021 Alicia Keys is one of the brand ambassadors alongside Lewis Hamilton and Roger Federer for the German car brand Mercedes-Benz to promote the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class line.

What is the little creature in the Mercedes commercial?

Mercedes-Benz showcases the sure handling and supreme confidence of a Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC All-Wheel-Drive in a new commercial. The spot, dubbed “Plushie,” features a plush toy that embarks on a dangerous quest on a cold winter night to follow a little girl who’s entering a diner with her parents.

What is the animal in the new Mercedes Benz commercial?

The ads feature silhouettes of a cow and a deer standing in the middle of the road at night. The headlights of the Mercedes behind them are so bright that they create an “X-ray vision” of the insides of the animals.

Who are the actors in the new Mercedes advert?

Cast in order of appearance): Camilla Beeput, James Coombes, Henry Perryment, Simon Thomas, Anthony Kaye, Andrew Alexander, Benjamin Wilson, Ash Rizi, Benjamin Wilson, Ryan Saunders.

Who sang Lord won’t buy me a Mercedes-Benz?

Goose Creek Symphony
(Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me A) Mercedes Benz/Artists

Why do truckers chain stuffed animals?

Many truck drivers attempt to prevent these accidents by hanging toys like teddy bears below the car boot as it will prevent the ghosts from playing with your car. Instead, the ghosts, particularly those who passed away at a younger age, will be distracted by the hanging toys and will not cause any accidents.

How Mercedes advertise their strong headlight?

What is the character in the Mercedes-Benz commercial?

Actor Jon Hamm (most known for his role as Don Draper on Mad Men) has been the voice actor for Mercedes-Benz since 2010. He replaced actor Richard Thomas (The Waltons, The Americans). The first Mercedes-Benz commercial Jon Hamm’s voice appeared in was for the S400 Hybrid (below).