What is the pin code of daltonganj?

Daltonganj/Zip codes

What is the new name of daltonganj?

Daltonganj got its name from Colonel Dalton, Commissioner of Chhotanagpur in 1861. The new name of Daltonganj is now Medininagar in the name of the king Medini Rai.

What is the Pincode of Palamu medininagar?

STD & PIN Codes

S.No. Name Of Block PIN code
1 Sadar Medininagar 822101, 822102
2 Chainpur 822110
3 Ramgadh 822132
4 Pandwa 822113

What is daltonganj famous for?

Nestled on the banks of the North Koel River, nature has endowed this scenic town with valuable resources such as coal, bauxite, and limestone, among others. Also known Medininagar, it is the cultural and economic heart of Jharkhand’s Palamu district.

Who is the BDO of Palamu?

Telephone Directory

Name Designation Residence
Sri. Chandan Kumar Sinha SP Palamu 231111, 231222(F)
Smt. Megha Bhardwaj DDC Palamu 06562-224020
Sri. Surjit Kumar Singh Additional Collector Palamu 06562-222728
Sri. Matius Vijay Toppo Secretary to Commissioner 06562-224004

Who is the DC of Jharkhand?

Deputy Commissioner, East Singhbhum

Label Information
Name Sri. Suraj Kumar, IAS
E-mail Address : dc-jsr[at]nic[dot]in
Address Office of the Deputy Commissioner Sakchi, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831001

Who is Palamu DC?

Shri Shashi Ranjan (I.A.S.)

Which mineral is found in Palamu?

Mining lease Large Minerals: – Coal, Graphite, Limestone, Dolomite.

What is the population of Palamu?

Palamu district

Palamau district
• Total 5,044 km2 (1,947 sq mi)
• Total 1,939,869
• Density 380/km2 (1,000/sq mi)

Who is the DC of garhwa?

DC Garhwa

Name Description
Name Shri Rajesh Kumar Pathak
Service Indian Administrative Service
Cadre Jharkhand
Date of Joining in Garhwa 15 July 2020

Which is the richest district in Jharkhand?

East and West Singhbhum, the richest mineral-bearing districts, are particularly important for heavy industries.