What is the present tense of Gustar?


Yo gusto Nosotros/as
gustas Vosotros/as
Él/Ella/Ud. gusta Ellos/Ellas/Uds.

What are the conjugated forms of Gustar?

Here is the correct gustar conjugation:

  • Me gusta(n)- I like.
  • Te gusta(n)- You like.
  • Le gusta(n)-He/She likes.
  • Nos gusta(n)- We like.
  • Os gusta(n)- You all like (formal)
  • Les gusta(n)- You all like (formal)

What is the imperfect tense for Gustar?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb gustar in Imperfect tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo gustaba
Tu gustabas
El/Ella gustaba
Nosotros gustábamos

Is Gustar regular?

Gustar (goos-tahr) is a regular –ar verb, but you wouldn’t know that from looking at it in a sentence. When you form a sentence, then, whatever is doing the pleasing becomes the subject and therefore determines the form of the verb gustar.

What is the proper way to use Gustar?

As you can see, using gusta or gustan depends on the word that follows the verb. Depending on what you like, you choose the singular – gusta – or plural – gustan – form. Gustar can also be used in the infinitive form to talk about actions that we like. In this case, we will always use the singular form gusta.

Which form of Gustar do I use?

Since the subject of the sentence must be either singular (book) or plural (books), the only forms of gustar you will use are “gusta” and “gustan.” This is true regardless of what IO pronoun appears in the sentence. Me gusta el libro.

What are the rules for Gustar?

Rather than appearing at the beginning of the sentence, the subject comes after the verb. Therefore the subject (the thing that is pleasing) comes at the end of the sentence, the form of gustar comes in front of that, and the sentence starts with an object pronoun (which refers to the person being pleased).

Can Gustar be imperfect?

Imperfect of Gustar. So use the imperfect of gustar to talk about what you used to like in the past. Again, you will only need to learn two different forms of gustar and use them in these structures: (A + name of person) + pronoun (me/te/le/nos/os/les) + gustaba + singular object or infinitive.

What are the Gustar verbs?

10 verbs like gustar

  • encantar – to love /delight in.
  • importar – to care / matter.
  • parecer – to seem.
  • tocar – to touch / to have to / deal with.
  • quedar (bien o mal) – to fit/ suit / look (good or bad) on.
  • caer (bien o mal) – to fall / to like.
  • faltar – to lack/be missing.
  • molestar – to bother.

What is the main difference between Gustar and to like?

Key Takeaways Technically, since gustar means “to please,” the thing being liked becomes the subject of the sentence in Spanish, and the person or persons liking become the object of gustar. Even though the thing being liked is the subject of gustar, it typically comes after the verb.

What are the two most common forms of Gustar?

Gustar , which generally means to please, have to forms- gusta and gustan.

Is gustar a regular verb in Spanish?

Gustar is the Spanish verb for to please. It is a regular AR verb . Read on below to see how it is conjugated in the 16 major Spanish tenses!

What does the Spanish word “Gustar” mean?

Gustar is one of those words in Spanish that works opposite of the subject-verb-object (SVO) format to which English-speakers are accustomed. “Gustar” means “is pleasing to,” and is formed so that the subject of gustar may precede or follow the verb and the verb and subject agree number.

What are conjugations do I use for Gustar?

Me gusta (n)- I like

  • Te gusta (n)- You like
  • She likes
  • Nos gusta (n)- We like
  • Os gusta (n)- You all like (formal)
  • Les gusta (n)- You all like (formal)
  • What are the preterite forms of Gustar?

    Gustar has two main forms in the preterite: the singular gustó (pronounced: goos-TOH) and the plural gustaron (goos-TAH-rohn). These are the possible structures of gustar in the preterite: ( A + name of person) + pronoun ( me/te/le/nos/os/les) + gustó + singular object or infinitive.