What is the special food of Sankranti?

Til Ladoo Til ladoo is a sumptuous Sankranti staple. These bite-sized ladoos made with warming sesame seeds and jaggery are a treat to the soul. Both sesame and jaggery are an important part of Sankranti celebrations.

What is Sankranti special?

Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan or Maghi or simply Sankranti, also known in Bangladesh as Poush Sankranti, is a festival day in the Hindu calendar, dedicated to the deity Surya (sun). It is observed each year the day Sun enters the Capricorn zodiac which corresponds with the month of January as per the Gregorian calendar.

What is made during Makar Sankranti?

Makara sankranti recipes – Laddu Til Laddu or sesame ladoo are sweet balls made with roasted sesame seeds, jaggery and cardamom powder. I have shared 2 recipes to make Sesame seeds ladoo here in the same post. This second recipe is from Andhra cuisine. These are super easy to make and are delicious.

What we should do on Makar Sankranti?

If done on Makar Sankranti with sincerity the ‘Sadhana’ mentioned in Hindu scriptures multiplies in its results. Hence on this day people should chant hymns continuously and indulge themselves in ‘Satseva’ and ‘Satsang’ which in return will fill their lives with bliss.

What happens on Makar Sankranti?

The festival of Makar Sankranti marks the beginning of the harvest season when new crops are worshipped and shared with delight. The harvest festival heralds a change in season, as from this day, the Sun begins its movement from Dakshinayana (South) to Uttarayana (North) hemisphere.

What is the story behind Makar Sankranti?

From the day of Makar Sankranti, the sun begins its northward journey or Uttarayan journey. Therefore, this festival is also known as Uttarayan. Sankranti is deemed a Deity. As per the legend, Sankranti killed a devil named Sankarasur.

Which Colour should not wear on Sankranti 2021?

One of the most significant features of this festival is to wear the colour black which is otherwise considered taboo to wear on festive occasions. Since Makar Sankranti marks the last day of the winter solstice, it is considered to be the coldest day of winter.

What can we give in Sankranti?

Sesame- Donating sesame seeds to Makar Sankranti is of special importance. On this day, it is considered auspicious to donate things made of sesame to Brahmins. Having warming properties, donating sesame seeds and jaggery food preparations are considered to be very propitious on this day.