What is the summary of the miser?

The Miser, five-act comedy by Molière, performed as L’Avare in 1668 and published in 1669. The plot concerns the classic conflict of love and money. The miser Harpagon wishes his daughter Elise to marry a wealthy old man, Anselme, who will accept her without a dowry, but she loves the penniless Valère.

Who is the protagonist in the miser?

The Miser is one of Molière’s most acclaimed comedies, originally featuring the playwright himself as the play’s protagonist, Harpagon. Manny Spero stars as Harpagon, the miser, who buried his fortune in his garden and refuses to spend it on his children, Élise (Anna Couvrette) and Cleanté (Ido Gal).

What is the original title of Moliere’s The Miser?

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Canonical title The Miser
Original title L’Avare
Alternative titles
Original publication date 1668

Why is the play called The Miser and not Harpagon?

The miser of the title is called Harpagon, a name adapted from the Latin harpago, meaning a hook or grappling iron. He is obsessed with the wealth he has amassed and always ready to save expenses. Now a widower, he has a son, Cléante, and a daughter, Élise.

Who stole Harpagon money?

After asking a servant, Harpagon becomes convinced that Valère has taken his money. He demands to have it back, but Valère reveals that he is actually the son of an Italian nobleman, and therefore incapable of something as dirty as theft.

How does the miser end?

At the end of the play, the lovers go off to get married and live happily ever after while Harpagon is left to grow old with his money. There’s no Ebenezer Scrooge moment in this play.

What is theme of the miser?

It’s no shocker that the number one theme in a play called The Miser is greed. Nearly everything that comes out of the character Harpagon’s mouth in this play seems to warn us against the dangers of turning into a stingy jerk. If you are stingy, no one will like you and you’ll end up alone.

Who stole Harpagons money?

He runs through his house screaming bloody murder and summons a police officer to hang whoever took his money. After asking a servant, Harpagon becomes convinced that Valère has taken his money.

What was the plot of Moliere L Avare?

L’Avare is a 1668 five-act satirical comedy by French playwright Molière. The plot concerns the classic conflict of love and money. Fun but a bit predictable.

Why was the miser written by Moliere?

“The Miser” is one of the most famous and performed comedies by Moliere. It was the peak of the worldwide drama making and an inspiration for many other writers. The theme and the main inspiration of the work emerged from one of the capital human diseases – greed and miserliness.

Who is Valere in love with in the miser?

Valère, the steward of Harpagon’s house, is in love with his employer’s daughter, Élise. Valère is sure that he is of a good family, but until he can find his relatives he has little hope that Harpagon will give his consent to a marriage between his daughter and his steward.

What did Moliere think was bad about society?

Moliere judges bad characteristics and the laws of the society back then such as father’s limitless power, the position of wives and children, forced marriages and marring out of interest etc… He sympathized with youth, harmony, joy, wisdom and the freedom to live.