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What is the value of a 2002 Maserati Spyder?

How much is a 2002 Maserati Spyder worth? The value of a used 2002 Maserati Spyder ranges from $6,620 to $19,326, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

Is the Maserati Spyder a good car?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, the Spyder’s a good buy since it’s not quite as common as the GT coupe. Oh, and it’s a fine drive, too. The Spyder has a 4.2-litre 390bhp engine which delivers its power smoothly right through the range.

How fast is a Maserati Spyder?

283 km/h

Model Years Top speed
Spyder 2001–2007 283 km/h (176 mph)
Coupé 2002–2007 285 km/h (177 mph)
GranSport 2004–2007 290 km/h (180 mph)
GranSport Spyder 2005–2007 290 km/h (180 mph)

How much is a Maserati Spyder worth?

Q: What is the average sale price of a Maserati Spyder? A: The average price of a Maserati Spyder is $19,783.

What is the fastest Maserati?

Ghibli and Quattroporte Trofeo can proudly claim to be the fastest Maserati saloons ever, with a top speed of 203 mph (326 km/h). Levante Trofeo’s maximum speed is 188 mph (302 km/h).

Why are Maseratis so bad?

In conclusion, Maserati isn’t very dependable. At all. Their exclusivity means that they do not have the mass-production set up that many of their competitors have, which goes some way in improving reliability. This also means that they are expensive to repair and the parts can take a long time to source.

Who makes the engines for Maserati?

Who Makes Maserati Engines? Up until relatively recently, most Maserati engines were manufactured by Ferrari. Why did most Maserati cars come with Ferrari-built engines? It started in the 1990s after FIAT had sold off its control of Maserati to Ferrari.