What is topology of a system?

Topology means the shape of a local-area network (LAN) or other communications system. Topologies are either physical or logical. ring topology :All devices are connected to one another in the shape of a closed loop, so that each device is connected directly to two other devices, one on either side of it.

What is topology use for?

In computer networks, a topology is used to explain how a network is physically connected and the logical flow of information in the network. A topology mainly describes how devices are connected and interact with each other using communication links.

What is topology give example?

There are a number of different types of network topologies, including point-to-point, bus, star, ring, mesh, tree and hybrid. Common examples are star ring networks and star bus networks. Tree topology is one specific example of a star bus network. Consider, for example, a multistory office building.

What is topology computer science?

Network topology is the arrangement of the elements (links, nodes, etc.) of a communication network. A network’s physical topology is a particular concern of the physical layer of the OSI model. Examples of network topologies are found in local area networks (LAN), a common computer network installation.

How many topology are there?

Geometric representation of how the computers are connected to each other is known as topology. There are five types of topology – Mesh, Star, Bus, Ring and Hybrid.

What is topology diagram?

A network topology diagram is a visual representation of a network’s devices, connections, and paths, allowing you to picture how devices are interconnected and how they communicate with one another.

What is tree topology with example?

A tree topology is a special type of structure where many connected elements are arranged like the branches of a tree. For example, tree topologies are frequently used to organize the computers in a corporate network, or the information in a database.

What is a logical topology?

A logical topology is a concept in networking that defines the architecture of the communication mechanism for all nodes in a network. Using network equipment such as routers and switches, the logical topology of a network can be dynamically maintained and reconfigured.

What is a tree topology?

Tree Topology is a topology which is having a tree structure in which all the computer are connected like the branches which are connected with the tree. In Computer Network, tree topology is called as a combination of a Bus and Start network topology.

What is the best type of topology?

The best topology is ring topology. Star is the next best after ringr, and then bus, which is pretty old, but not too expensive. Full mesh topology is theoretically the best since every device is. connected to every other device, thus maximizing speed and security.

Which topology is expensive?

In Mesh Topology , all the computers are inter-connected to each other in a network. Each computer not only sends its own signals but also relays data from other computers. This type of topology is very expensive as Its very difficult to establish the connections of the mesh topology.

Which topology is best in network?

A mesh topology is the best choice when you require fault tolerance, however, it is very difficult to setup and maintain. There are two types of mesh network: full mesh and partial mesh. A full mesh is one which every workstation is connected to the other ones in the network.

Which topology would be the most redundant?

Dual-ring topology is ideal for applications with cabling issues or small networks that are not frequently reconfigured. Though more expensive than star or extended star topologies, dual-ring is the most cost-efficient redundant topology.