What is Trilex EverGol?

Trilex EverGol SHIELD is a fully customizable seed treatment fungicide and insecticide for complete disease and insect protection in pulses.

What is Prosper EverGol?

Prosper EverGol is a systemic seed treatment registered for canola and mustard. Prosper EverGol offers protection for your hybrid canola seed with three different fungicidal active ingredients (metalaxyl, trifloxystrobin and penflufen), plus a highly effective insecticide to control flea beetles.

What is Trilex seed treatment?

TRILEX™ is an exciting new low rate fungicide seed treatment for soybeans. TRILEX provides broad spectrum protection against stand reducing diseases such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium, as well as seed borne fungi that attack your crop during the critical phase from planting to emergence.

How do you use EverGol Xtend?

Critical comments: EverGol Xtend is applied to seed prior to sowing. Ensure even coverage of seed. Control of Rhizoctonia and Fusarium by EverGol Xtend is characterised by improved plant emergence and survival, a reduction in hypocotyl damage and an increase in above ground biomass.

What is Lumiderm?

Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment provides excellent plant protection against both flea beetles and cutworms in one convenient bag.

What is Buteo start?

New BUTEOTM start is the powerful protection your canola seed needs against flea beetle pressure. Its rapid uptake and systemic translocation from cotyledon to leaf margins allows for a strong plant right off the start, even in dry conditions. Choose BUTEO start and protect your potential.

How do you use Gaucho Bayer?

Any small quantity of seed can be readily treated on the farm by mixing the proper amount of Gaucho FS 600 and seed in a closed mixing drum. Roll the seed until each grain is uniformly coated with the insecticide. Seed treatment on commercial basis can be carried out by specialized seed dressing machines.

What is Fortenza?

Fortenza® is a new non-neonicotinoid soybean seed treatment. Helps build a strong soybean stand, even under heavy insect pressure, producing faster, more uniform growth. Fortenza can be used with most Rhizobium-based inoculants.

What is Gaucho insecticide?

Gaucho® 600 Red Flowable Seed Dressing Insecticide Gaucho controls thrips, aphids and soil pests in cotton, and soil pests in maize, corn, sorghum and sunflowers. It is also registered for use on canola and pasture. Gaucho is also produced in a white formulation for professional seed company application only.

What is thiram fungicide?

Thiram is a protective fungicide used as a foliar treatment on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals to control Botrytis species, rust, scab and storage diseases, and as a seed treatment to control seedling blights and a number of fungi that cause “damping off” in seedlings.

What is spinosad made from?

Spinosad is a macrolide derived from the aerobic fermentation of the actinomycete Saccharopolyspora spinosa, a bacterial organism isolated from soil. Spinosad is composed of spinosyns A and D, found in a ratio of approximately 85:15 in commercial formulations (Figure 6.1).

How do you use Gaucho?

Use a range of 400 mL – 600 mL of total volume (e.g. Gaucho plus water) with each 100 kg of seed. Do not use a volume of more than 600 mL with each 100 kg of seed. Check flow rate of seed through sowing machinery before sowing to ensure the desired seeding rate is achieved. Drilling for seed sowing is recommended.