What is your vallecula?

The epiglottic vallecula is a depression just behind the root of the tongue between the medial and lateral glosso-epiglottic folds in the throat. These depressions serve as “spit traps”; saliva is temporarily held in the valleculae to prevent initiation of the swallowing reflex.

Where is the Vallecular space?

The vallecula is the air pocket found at the level of the hyoid bone just anterior to the epiglottis. The vallecula is normally well delineated, deep, and roughly perpendicular to the pharyngotracheal air column.

What does seminal colliculus do?

The seminal colliculus (Latin colliculus seminalis), or verumontanum, of the prostatic urethra is a landmark distal to the entrance of the ejaculatory ducts (on both sides, corresponding vas deferens and seminal vesicle feed into corresponding ejaculatory duct)….

Seminal colliculus
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Where is Verumontanum found?

The verumontanum or seminal colliculus is the rounded eminence of the urethral crest within the posterior wall of the mid prostatic urethra. The prostatic utricle opens into it in the midline and the two ejaculatory ducts open just distal to the utricle.

What is Valacular?

pl. val·lec·u·lae (-lē′) An anatomical depression or crevice, as between the hemispheres of the brain.

What is the left vallecula?

The Vallecula is an anatomic term for a crevice, furrow or depression and while several vallecula can be located in several areas of the body the term is most commonly used to describe a depression just behind the root of the tongue between the folds in the throat.

What does Collicular mean?

(kɒˈlɪkjʊləs) n, pl -li. (Anatomy) anatomy a small elevation, as on the surface of the optic lobe of the brain. [C19: New Latin]

What is the arterial blood supply of the prostate?

The arterial supply to the prostate is primarily from the inferior vesical artery, which originates from the anterior division of the internal iliac (hypogastric) artery. The inferior vesical artery then branches into 2 main arterial branches to feed the prostate.

What is a prostate lobe?

The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system. The prostate consists of a base, an apex, an anterior, a posterior and two lateral surfaces. The prostate is divided into several lobes: the anterior lobe, the median lobe, the lateral lobes (left and right lobes), and the posterior lobe.

What does Vallecula mean in medical terms?

: an anatomical groove, channel, or depression especially : one between the base of the tongue and the epiglottis.

Which is the best definition of the word vernacular?

Definition of vernacular (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a vernacular language, expression, or mode of expression : an expression or mode of expression that occurs in ordinary speech rather than formal writing 2 : the mode of expression of a group or class

What does it mean to have a retinaculum?

Medically reviewed by Healthline’s Medical Network on February 6, 2015. A retinaculum refers to any region on the body in which tendon groups from different muscles pass under one connective tissue band.

Who are the healers who use the vernacular?

— Los Angeles Times, 4 June 2021 The healers associate themselves with a range of shamanistic traditions and typically also incorporate vernacular psychotherapeutic ideas about trauma and healing.

What happens to the retinacula of the ankle?

Ankle retinacula include the peroneal retinacula and the flexor, superior extensor, and inferior extensor retinacula of the foot. If a retinaculum is injured, it may lead to an impairment of tendon functionality. If the peroneal retinaculum tears or stretches, it may cause the peroneal tendons to detach from the fibula.