What maps are on battlefront2?

Star Wars Battlefront II will come with 14 different locations across all 3 Star Wars eras to explore and battle on. Each map features great detail and familiar landscapes that Star Wars fans will recognize and appreciate….Maps

  • Death Star II.
  • Kashyyyk.
  • Ryloth.
  • Jakku.
  • Endor.
  • Hoth.
  • Kamino.
  • Starkiller Base.

What maps can you play on galactic assault?

13 maps
Galactic Assault can be played on 13 maps.

Are there space battles in Star Wars Battlefront?

There are no space battles in this Battlefront game. Yes, it’s a bit odd for a Star Wars combat game to not a map set in space, but as long as the vehicles move like we expect them too, it doesn’t matter where >the dogfighting unfolds.

How many maps are there in starfighter assault?

six maps
This mode can be played in all three Star Wars eras across six maps.

Is Coruscant a map in Battlefront 2?

The Coruscant map is actually a map replacer, as in it’ll be replacing another existing map when the modders add it to the PC version of the game. There’s a litany of impressive mods over on the official NexusMods page for Star Wars Battlefront 2, but there don’t appear to be many map mods for the game.

What is the best Galactic Assault map?

Naboo has been one of the best maps in Battlefront II since the game’s launch. Every phase on Naboo is enjoyable for players of all skill levels. The map showcases everything that is great about Battlefront II. Players can use any class, reinforcement, or hero and still enjoy the experience.

What is the difference between Supremacy and Galactic Assault?

Galactic Assault is more of a Objective based mode, stopping a Tank or whatever from advancing, and then capturing certain areas to advance the map. Capital Supremacy is more of just a hardpoint/flag mode where the entire map is open and you go and capture any of the A,B,C etc.

Is there space combat in Battlefront 2?

Yeah, it’s in the arcade mode, but it’s more of a team death match mode than objectives. Not the entire starfighter assault mode. But you can play around with small, 10v10 fighter battles in the offline arcade mode.

Does Battlefront 2 have galactic conquest?

Galactic Conquest made its return in Battlefront II, with many of the original aspects from the previous game applied as well. Players still take turns attacking planets and earning control of them, but now they can make tactical decisions thanks to the map screen.

How heavy is a B1 battle droid?


Manufacturer Baktoid Combat Automata / Baktoid Armor Workshop
Mass 65 kilograms
Gender Male programming
Plating Color Tan or sand-red
Armament E-5 blaster rifle SE-14 blaster pistol Thermal detonators

Where are the maps in Star Wars Battlefront?

Maps are the locations in which game modes are played or what campaigns use as levels in the Star Wars: Battlefront Series. Most maps are based on locations that appear in the Star Wars universe. Maps are often designed for the game modes in which they are playable.

Who are the creators of Star Wars Battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront (2015) Wiki Guide Maps Top Contributors: Awakenedhero, JaredPetty-IGN, Miranda Sanchez+ more Last Edited:7 Dec 2015 5:40 pm Page Tools Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag View History Star Wars Battlefront includes a variety of playable maps, in fact, 12 maps are available – with two more post launch.

Are there any multiplayer maps in Battlefront 2?

In Pandemic Studios ‘ and Rebellion Developments ‘ series, campaign levels often utilize maps made for multiplayer as a base. In DICE ‘s Battlefront II, most campaign levels are unique, with little resemblance to the maps available in multiplayer in terms of structure.

Are there any maps of the Western Front?

This section of the website reproduces large-scale maps categorised by battlefront covering the key battles and offensives fought from 1914-18. Specifically, this page contains maps illustrating the course of the war fought on the Western Front.