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What names have bad meanings?


  1. 1 – Abaddon. YIKES – translated into Hebrew, Abaddon means “Angel of death”.
  2. 2 – Alastor. Anyone considering naming their sprog after Mad Eye Moody in Harry Potter, think again.
  3. 3 – Azazel.
  4. 4 – Brennan.
  5. 5 – Brone.
  6. 6 – Byron.
  7. 7 – Calvin.
  8. 8 – Cameron.

What names mean hidden?

1) Gizem (Turkish Origin) meaning “enigma, mystery, secret”. 2) Hulda (Old Norse Origin) meaning “secret”. 3) Leto (Greek Origin) meaning “hidden” or “woman”, a deity in ancient Greek legend. 4) Liraz (Hebrew Origin) meaning “my secret”.

What name means dirty?

Sal. “Sal” sounds like the French word “sale,” which means “dirty.”

What name means deception?

Names Meaning Deceit or Liar

Name: Gender: Origin:
Cozbi Feminine Liar getting away, Israeli
Dolion Masculine Deceitful, Greek
Jaakobah Masculine Deceiver, Israeli
Loki Neutral Trickster, Scandinavian

What is the unluckiest name?

The nation’s unluckiest pet names revealed

Unluckiest pet names
Top 10 Dog Top 10 Cat
1 Charlie Oscar
2 Alfie George
3 Bella Charlie

What names mean sad?

For more ideas for your unlucky characters, take a look here.

  • Akuji (African origin) means “dead and awake”.
  • Cecilia (Latin origin) means “blind”.
  • Claudia (Latin origin) means “lame”.
  • Deirdre (Gaelic origin) means “sorrowful or sad one”.
  • Desdemona (African origin) means, “ill-fated one” and “misery”.

What name means keeper of secrets?

Jonaraja (Hebrew Origin) meaning “a secret keeper.”