What nationality is the name Franke?

Franke is both a German-language surname and a given name.

What does Franke mean?

The surname Franke derived from the given name Francis. This is also a name for a person from Franconia, which is a region of Southwestern Germany that was named after the Franks, who settled in this region after the fall of the Roman Empire.

What ethnicity is the surname Wood?

Wood is a surname in the English language….Wood (surname)

Language(s) Middle English
Derivation 1. wode 2. wod, wode
Meaning 1. “wood”, “forest” 2. “mad”, “frenzied”
Other names

What nationality is the last name Mallory?

The name Mallory is of Anglo-Saxon/Norman origin. Mallory is derived from the medieval French word, malhuere which translates to regrettably no more. Surnames in Britain prior to the Norman conquest were largely unheard of.

Is Franke a word?

Frances is a French and English given name of Latin origin. In Latin the meaning of the name Frances is: From France or ‘free one. ‘ The male version of the name in English is Francis.

Where is the Wood family from?

When the ancestors of the Wood family emigrated to England following the Norman Conquest in 1066 they brought their family name with them. They lived in Leicestershire. Further research showed the name was derived from the Old English word wode, meaning wood, and indicates that the original bearer lived near a wood.

What is the Wood family crest?

Clan Wood is a Lowland Scottish clan from North Esk, in Largo Bay near Angus in Scotland. Their historic seat is Largo Castle and their crest is a ship under sail proper, with the motto Tutus in Undis, meaning “Safe on the waves”.

What does Mallory mean in Irish?

Mallory is an anglicisation of an old Irish name. Mal means servant, one possible translation is mal o righ – servant of the king. There are other possible words, but mal is a very common beginning to Irish names, like Malcolm, servant of st Columba.

Is the name Wood Irish?

Family Crest Download (JPG) Heritage Series – 600 DPI The surname Woods comes from the Irish “O Cuill,” meaning hazel. Because of the similarity between “cuill” and “coill” meaning wood, the surname was often translated into Woods.

How do you get a family crest?

It is possible to purchase a registered family crest by searching data bases in the U.K., U.S. and Scotland or to research genealogical websites and find common crests used for specific surnames. It is also possible to design an entirely unique crest that will represent the family as it is today.

Is the name Mallory Irish?

Mallory is an English surname. Spelling variants include Mallary, Mallery, Malorie, Mallorie, Mallerie and Mallorey. Mallory and Mallerie is also a given name derived from the surname.

Where does the last name Franke come from?

The surname Franke derived from the given name Francis. Although it began as a name indicating that the bearer was French in nationality, the popularity of the name Francis was greatly encouraged by the fame of St. Francis of Assisi in during the Middle Ages, and the meaning of the name was subsequently altered.

What are the variations of the name Frank?

Spelling variations of this family name include: Frank, Franke, Frankk, Frankke, Franck, Francke, Franckk, Franckke, Franken, Frankhen, Franckhen and many more.

Who are some famous people with the name Franke?

During this early period, notable bearers of the name Franke included Sebastian Franck (1499-1543), a freethinker and one of the first German historians; Johann Franck (Frank) (1618-1677), a German lyric poet and hymnist; and…