What NVQ 3 equivalent to?

A Level 3 qualification is the equivalent of an A-Level, not a degree. This qualification proves learners have the necessary knowledge and skills to study the specific discipline at a higher education level. Those looking for degree equivalent qualifications need to enrol on a Level 4 or Level 5 award.

What is NVQ Level 3 hairdressing?

The Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Hairdressing is based on the National Occupational Standards for Hairdressing. It is a job ready qualification which requires learners to demonstrate in the workplace the skills and knowledge required in the hairdressing industry.

What qualification is Level 3 hairdressing?

The Level 3 Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing is a cutting-edge qualification that will take your knowledge, skills and techniques to the next level. If you’re serious about a successful career as a hair stylist or qualified hairdresser, then this course will take you a big step closer to achieving your goal.

Is a Level 3 hairdresser good?

Level 3 is ideal if you’ve worked in hairdressing or barbering for some time and want to develop your skills in a specialised area. You might want a broad qualification or to learn a particular technique. To achieve one of the longer diplomas or the certificate, you complete a number of core and optional units.

Can you get a job with level 2 hairdressing?

An NVQ Level 2 gives you the basic and essential skills to practise as a hairdresser. It’s generally considered the minimum qualification for a salon role.

What qualifications do you need to be a hairdresser UK?

You’ll usually need some GCSEs (or equivalent), including English and Maths. You may be able start work as a trainee hairdresser in a salon and learn on the job. Your employer would expect you to take part-time qualifications, either at a college or in their own training school.

How long does it take to do a hairdressing course?

With an apprenticeship you’ll be able to get hands on experience of working in a salon as well as studying by spending some time each week in a college. Usually, an apprenticeship will take 18 months to complete, but you’ll need to get an NVQ Level 2 to be able to work as a junior stylist and continue your training.

What are the different levels of the VRQ?

VRQs are more popular qualifications. They have different levels which represent the knowledge and skill acquired by the candidate. Level 1 represents Beginner, Level 2-Intermediate, Level 3-Advanced, and Level 4-Senior/management.

Can you take a Level 2 hairdressing qualification?

Anyone can take this qualification, but you must make sure all your learners can access the resources they need to complete it. Level 2 will suit you if you’re just starting out in hairdressing or have some knowledge and basic skills in the industry – probably from a role where you work under supervision.

What do you need to know about the NVQ qualification?

An NVQ qualification is recognized nationally and internationally. It is a competence based, work-related qualification. This qualification reflects the knowledge and skills required to effectively do a certain job, for example, in a salon, etc.

Can you get a NVQ from a VTCT?

VTCT is an Examination Body just as City & Guilds are. You can be awarded an NVQ or VRQ from either City & Guilds or VTCT but City & Guilds have been around for longer and are also readily accepted in many countries abroad. Their hair & beauty course curriculum is broadly similar. Click to expand…