What percentage does Islamic Relief take?


Element Percentage
Administrative 4.00%
Fundraising 12.50%
Program 83.30%

Is Islamic Relief 100%?

Why does Islamic Relief not have a 100% donation policy? Islamic Relief would not be able to operate on the scale it does without spending money on admin. Some charities claim that their admin costs are covered in other ways, e.g. by institutional donations or profit from their charity shops.

How much does Islamic Relief make a year?

In 2017, Islamic Relief reported an income of £126 million which includes individual donations and institutional funding from DFID, UN agencies, USAID, and other partners. Inspired by Islamic humanitarian values, it works with Muslim and non-Muslim communities around the world.

What does Islamic Relief do to help?

Islamic Relief is a faith-inspired humanitarian aid and development agency working to save and transform the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Our humanitarian and development projects typically help over 10 million people every year, contributing directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How much is Zakat on cash?

Zakat on Cash and Bank Balances Zakat should be paid at 2.5% on all cash balance and bank balances in your savings, current or FD accounts. The amount technically should be in the bank for one year. Usually it happens that the balance keeps on changing as per personal requirements.

How much do Muslims need to donate?

Each person, every mosque, all families, regardless of age and language, donate 2.5% of their income yearly because, in the words of the Quran, to save one life is to save the entire human race.

Can you trust Islamic Relief?

You can trust that we follow the Islamic, legal and good practice standards you would expect of the world’s largest independent Muslim charity. None of that would be possible if our admin costs were 0% – which is a claim some charities make.

Is Islamic Relief trustable?

Islamic Relief Canada is a Major 100 charity, one of Canada’s largest charities, with Canadian donations of $55.9m in F2020. It also received $4.7m in donated goods, $1.5m in government funding, and $560k in international cash donations….Salary Information.

$350k + 0
$40k – $80k 4
< $40k 0

Is Islamic Relief safe?

Your donation is safe in our hands because we are transparent about how much we raise and where it is spent. In 2019 we raised £130 million and reached almost 6.8 million people. £100 million of that was from individual donors; the rest from institutional funding or donations from our charity shops.

Where does Islamic Relief money go?

For every £1 donated to Islamic Relief, 87p goes directly towards programmes and initiatives that help people in need. 4p is spent on administrative costs and 9p is invested into raising more funds. For every 1p we spend on fundraising, we receive 10p back in donations.

What is the nisab for money?

Silver: The nisab by the silver standard is 21 ounces of silver (612.36 grammes) or its equivalent in cash. This is approximately $324 on 16 April 2019.

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