What ply is Panda Mosaic wool?

8 ply
The firm family favourite 8 ply. Perfect for durable, colour intense garments and crafts.

What yarn can be substituted?

3. Substituting Yarns

One strand of this type of yarn Can be substituted with 2 strands of:-
Standard Weight 4 Medium, Worsted, Aran, Afghan Standard Weight 3 Light, DK, double knitting, Light Worsted
Standard Weight 5 Bulky, Chunky, Craft, Rug, Heavy Worsted Standard Weight 4 Medium, Worsted, Aran, Afghan

What ply is Naturally Caron Country?

Peacock – Country Naturals 8 ply.

What weight is Naturally Caron Yarn?

0.18 Pounds
Caron Naturally Caron Country Yarn 3 Ounce/185 Yard, Claret, Single Ball

Material Acrylic
Color Claret
Item Weight 0.18 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash

What ply is Panda big yarn?

8 Ply
Panda Magnum 8 Ply Knitting Yarn.

Where is Panda yarn made?

Panda Yarns began in 1963 as an importer of fashion hand-knitting yarns but gradually shifted emphasis to supplying high-volume markets with basic synthetic yarns. By the late 1980’s Panda had grown to be the largest supplier of hand-knitting yarn in Australia, concentrating mainly on locally-produced yarns.

What can I use instead of alpaca yarn?

Alpaca is drapey, so is silk, bamboo, tencel, and linen. But there’s the springy factor too. So you might want a firmer fiber like a bit of wool or hemp or cotton in there to help the sweater holds it’s shape a little. Something like the 70/30 blend of the original or up to a 50/50 mix of drapey/firm.

Can I use Aran yarn instead of DK?

Aran yarns are also called “medium yarns”. They are thicker than the DK yarns and are often stronger and more rigid. If you need a heavier yarn that looks kind of delicate, you could use Aran.

What company makes Caron Yarn?

A few years ago, Caron was sold to SpinRite, the Canadian company that produces yarns under the Patons, Bernat, Lily Sugar ‘N Cream and Peaches & Cream lables.

Where is Fiddlesticks yarn made?

This durable anti-pilling yarn can be used for any 8 ply pattern and is made in Turkey. Fiddlesticks Yarns is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in crochet and knitting yarns made from natural fibres such as bamboo, cotton and wool and we believe they have the best acrylic yarn on the market.

Who makes Patons yarn?

PatonsĀ® Yarn is a yarn brand owned by Spinrite, a Canadian yarn manufacturer. Our Patons yarn offerings include synthetic yarns, natural yarns and natural blended yarn. For a 100% wool yarn try Classic Wool that comes in solids, bulky weights, a roving and a DK Superwash.