What restaurants are in Marion Kentucky?

Dining and Restaurants

Name Address / Phone
La Delicia Fresh Mexican Grill 301 Sturgis Rd. 270-965-7019 Visit Our Website
Marion Pit BBQ 728 South Main St. 270-965-7060 View Facebook
Candies Restaurant 1890 US Hwy 60 East Marion, KY 270-965-0020 View Facebook
Sugar Shack Donut Shop 218 South Main St Marion, KY View Facebook

What is there to do in Marion KY?

Local Attractions

Name Info
Wheeler Log Cabin Hwy 91 N
Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum 205 N Walker St. 270-965-4263 Visit Website
Crittenden County Historical Museum 124 E Bellview St. 270-965-9257 Visit Website
Trail of Tears

What restaurants are in Sturgis Kentucky?

Best Restaurants near Sturgis, KY 42459

  • Old Barn Door. 0.3 mi. American (Traditional)
  • Sturgis Family Diner. 1.4 mi. Diners.
  • Sam’s Una Pizza. 0.3 mi. Pizza.
  • Veronicas Cafe. 0.7 mi. Cafes.
  • Pizza Pro of Sturgis. 0.6 mi. Pizza.
  • Casey’s. 0.4 mi. Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Pizza.
  • Godfathers Pizza. 0.3 mi. Pizza.

Where do the Amish live in Kentucky?

The total Amish population within Kentucky is now around 8,000, making it the 8th largest on the continent. There are many small Amish communities scattered throughout the state, but the largest settlements are located around Munfordville and Horse Cave, Guthrie in Todd County, Christian County, and Casey County.

Where is the largest Amish community in Kentucky?

Crittenden County
The rolling hills of Crittenden County are home to Kentucky’s largest Amish Community with a population of over five hundred. Cabinetry, furniture, baked goods and bulk foods as well as seasonal items such as plants, vegetables, pumpkins and gourds can be purchased from individual Amish families.

What restaurants are in Morganfield Kentucky?

Limit search to Morganfield.

  • Feed Mill Restaurant. 44 reviewsOpen Now.
  • Verlie’s Restaurant. 20 reviewsOpen Now.
  • Sam’s Una Pizza. 6 reviewsOpen Now.
  • Izzy’s Italian Ristorante. 8 reviews.
  • Long John Silver’s. 5 reviewsOpen Now.
  • B and H Restaurant. 8 reviews.
  • Dairy Queen Grill & Chill. 5 reviewsOpen Now.
  • J.J.’s Pizza Pub.

Do Amish believe in birth control?

The Amish are exempted from social security and reject health insurance coverage, do not practice birth control, and often veto preventive practices such as immunization and prenatal care.

What language do Amish speak in Kentucky?

Pennsylvania Dutch language

Pennsylvania Dutch
Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch
Native to United States, Canada
Region United States: Indiana Illinois Iowa Kentucky Missouri New York Ohio West Virginia Pennsylvania Wisconsin Canada Ontario Elsewhere in North America and some spots in Central America
Ethnicity Pennsylvania Dutch

What state has the highest number of Amish?

Table 1: Top 10 Amish Inhabited States by Percent of Total Population, 2010

Rank State Adherents
1 Indiana 45,144
2 Ohio 59,103
3 Pennsylvania 58,009
4 Wisconsin 14,957

Can an Amish man have more than one wife?

Amish believe large families are a blessing from God. Amish rules allow marrying only between members of the Amish Church.

Why do the Amish not use birth control?

Amish men outlive Amish women, in part because of the high birth rate (average of 7 live births/woman). Birth control and abortion are forbidden by religious doctrine, even when pregnancy is life threatening.