What size breaker do I need for AC?

There are 4 answers. It depends on the unit that’s being installed, but usually it’s 30-60 Amp with 10-4 AWG wire. You’ll be in the 30-40A range if you look at a 3.5 ton unit.

How many amps can 8 AWG carry?

Size & AMP Ratings

NM, TW, & UF WIRE (Copper Conductor) SE CABLE (Copper Conductor)
12 AWG – 20 AMPS 6 AWG – 65 AMPS
10 AWG – 30 AMPS 4 AWG – 85 AMPS
8 AWG – 40 AMPS 2 AWG – 115 AMPS
6 AWG – 55 AMPS 1 AWG – 130 AMPS

What size of wire should I use for a 220 air conditioner?

The breaker requirement is only dictated by the wire size. If you have to run a new line always use 12 gauge 20 amp as a minimum for a 220v circuit.

Can I use 8-gauge wire on a 30 amp breaker?

“Twelve-gauge wire is good for 20 amps, 10-gauge wire is good for 30 amps, 8-gauge is good for 40 amps, and 6-gauge is good for 55 amps,” and “The circuit breaker or fuse is always sized to protect the conductor [wire].”

What size breaker do I need for a 230 volt air conditioner?

A 15 amp, 14 awg, two pole 230 volt circuit is the minimum circuit allowed by the NEC.

What size breaker do I need for a 3 ton AC?

60 ampere
The inside air handler unit needs a 60 ampere circuit breaker. Less than 15 amperes for the blower and the rest for the electrical heating elements.

What size wire will carry 50 amps?

50 AMP Wire Size For a maximum of 50 amps, you’ll need a wire gauge of 6. Fifty amp breakers are most often used to power many different appliances. However, a kitchen oven can alone require 50 amps. Many electric dryers also require a 50 amp breaker.

Which is the Max for an 8 AWG breaker?

We know that 40 amps is the max for 8 awg AND we know there are always exceptions to these rules. 60 amp breakers are required to have 6 awg so this seems to be on the fence with the judgement call going to the electrician. What are some of your comments?

How big of a circuit breaker do I need for an air conditioner?

If the minimum circuit ampacity says 14.9 amps, we’re good with 14-gauge copper wire. If it says 15.1 amps, we need to step it up to 12-gauge copper wire. If it says 34 amps, like in the example below, we need 8-gauge wire. Again, in the case of air conditioners, we don’t need to match up the size of the circuit breaker to the wire sizes.

How many amps can a 8 AWG wire carry?

MANY tub manufacturers DO require a minimum of #6cu to wire tubs. 8 AWG may carry a maximum of 70 Amps in free air, or 50 Amps as part of a 3 conductor cable. David, if that cable is NM (Romex) then it actually cannot carry 50 amps. NM cable is limited to the 60 deg C column in T310.16 which is 40 amps.

How many amps does a 50 amp breaker need?

It is more the rule as far as conduit work goes. THHN uses the 75 deg C column in figuring ampacity in newer work. #8 is rated right at 50 amps in that column. One thing to check is the Mfg requirements. MANY tub manufacturers DO require a minimum of #6cu to wire tubs.