What size is a 42C bra?

Bra Sizes

C Sizes Under Band Cup Size
36C 31″-33½” 38″
38C 34″-36½” 40″
40C 37″-39½” 42″
42C 40″-42½” 44″

What are JJ bras?

JJ Cup Bras and Swimwear

  • Your JJ cup bra fits snugly around the back & sits evenly on the body from front to back.
  • Underwires must sit flush against your chest.
  • Your whole breast is fitting into the cup with NO spillage or gaping.
  • You should be able to fit your finger under the straps.

What is the biggest cup size?

2. The Guinness World Record for largest natural breast size is 48V. Annie Hawkins, also known as Norma Stitz, wears a U.S.-size 52I bra, but based on her measurements — she has an 109.22-centimeter (43-inch) bust and 177.8cm band measurement — she should be wearing a 48V.

What is the standard cup size?

The cup is a cooking measure of volume, commonly associated with cooking and serving sizes. It is traditionally equal to one-half US pint (236.6 ml).

Do sports bras flatten chest?

A tight fitting sports bra can totally flatten a small chest. Try not to wear bras that are more than a size too small – they might fit tighter, but they can be super damaging. And if they’re particularly tight, don’t wear them for too long!

What cup size is an XL sports bra?

Don’t know your bra size? Use your measurements instead.

Underbust Measurement 25″-26″ 35″-36″
Band Size 30 40
C 31.9″ – 32.7″ 30C XS XS (A-C) 41.7″ – 42.5″ 40C XL XL (A-C)
D 32.7″ – 33.5″ 30D S S (D-DD) 42.5″ – 43.3″ 40D XL XL (D-DD)
DD 33.5″ – 34.3″ 30DD S S (D-DD) 43.3″ – 44.1″ 40DD XL XL (D-DD)

What race has the biggest breast size?

Overall, the largest breast sizes are concentrated in Europe and the United States, with several countries reporting DD and D sizes. The smallest breasts are concentrated in African and southeast Asian countries, with mostly B and A cups throughout those regions.