What size punches do you need for an AR-15?

1/16″ x 2.

What size is the trigger guard roll pin?

1/16″ x 1/4″ (1.59 x 6.35 mm): Trigger Guard Detent Pin.

What tools do you need to build a AR-15 lower?

Lower Receiver recommended tools:

  • Workbench, Vise and Block: AR-15 Vise Block.
  • Punches: Standard punch set. Roll Pin Punches. Roll Pin Holders.
  • Wrenches and Hammers: Stock Wrench Ball Peen Hammer (4 oz.) Nylon/Brass Hammer. Brownells Pivot Pin Detent Installation Tool.
  • Other Tools and Options: Multi-Tool. Takedown Tool.

What tools do I need for ar15 lower?

Lower Receiver Tools

  • AR-15 Roll Pin Install Tool Kit. MSRP: $67.99 $64.99.
  • Delta Series AR Combo Tool with Torque Wrench.
  • AR Armorer’s Bench Block.
  • Delta Series Mag Well Vise Block.
  • AR Trigger Guard Install Tool.
  • AR Bolt Catch Install Punch Kit.
  • AR Pivot Pin/Roll Pin Install Tool.
  • Professional Armorer’s Wrench.

What is a gas tube roll pin?

The Gas Tube Roll Pin is necessary to properly affix an AR-15 gas tube to the gas block. No pin, no connection, and no working rifle. Whether you’re building, improving, or performing maintenance on an AR-15, an FN America Gas Tube Roll Pin remains the best choice you can make.

Are roll pins directional?

Roll pins aren’t directional but you may find one end beveled slightly to make them easier to start.

How long does it take to put together an AR-15?

An AR-15 rifle, once you have all the parts and step-by-step instructions, will come together in about three hours.

How big are the roll pins on an AR 15?

Maku mozo! Tried to make an overview of all roll pins used on an AR. 1/16″ x 1/4″ (1.59 x 6.35 mm): Trigger Guard Detent Pin

Why are hollow end punches used on AR 15?

Hollow end punches help to prevent damage caused by an accidental slip off while getting the pin started and are an essential tool for everybody assembling an AR-15. Roll pin punches are designed with a small projection in the center of the pin tip to support the circumference of the roll pin.

What kind of pin does a Colt AR 15 use?

Colt is the only AR-15 rifle manufacturer to use both small and large diameter pins in their trigger groups. Most Colt AR-15 rifles manufactured before 1991 and after fall 2009 are probably small pins while rifles manufactured between 1991 and fall 2009 are probably large pins.

What are the spring sizes for a Colt AR 15?

Colt AR-15 Pin and Spring Sizes The Following Sizes Represent Milspec and DO NOT Account for Colt Variances Pin Diameters Courtesy John M.