What was Nuke in RoboCop 2?

Nuke was a highly-addictive and most pleasurable narcotic that was made by the drug lord and leader of the Nuke Cult, Cain. Unlike narcotics processed from agricultural sources or plant extract, Nuke was a designer drug, thus manufacture could be accomplished in nearly any location using widely available chemicals.

What happened to Duffy in RoboCop 2?

Officer Duffy (portrayed by Stephen Lee) is a corrupt Detroit cop and hopeless Nuke addict in Robocop 2. After being horribly beaten by Robocop, Duffy is later lured into a shady backstreet surgery and Cain has him cut open in front of his other followers whilst Duffy is still conscious.

Who was RoboCain?

The RoboCop Mark II, also known as RoboCain, was an attempt to replace the original RoboCop….Cain (RoboCop)

Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Detroit

Will there be RoboCop 2?

There is no announced release date for RoboCop Returns at this time. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely set the film back a considerable amount. Assuming that nothing will enter production until later in 2021 at the earliest, it is possible that we won’t be seeing RoboCop Returns until 2022.

Why did Peter Weller leave robocop3?

Peter Weller was unable to reprise his Robocop role due to scheduling conflicts with Naked Lunch (1991). He felt that one of those problem was that Murphy/RoboCop’s personal journey had already been wrapped up in the first movie, leaving little more for him to do than fight bad guys in the sequels.

Is RoboCop a human?

Robocop is made from a human combined with steel and electronics, making him a very human-like cyborg. He is meant to be human enough to operate on his own while machine enough to make him subject to his mission and more difficult for criminals to escape from.

Why was Peter Weller replaced RoboCop 3?

What kind of person is Cain from RoboCop?

Violently insane, hopelessly addicted to Nuke and godlike in his delusions, Cain was an unpredictable and dangerous foe, with a capable and loyal following. Following his death, his brain was inserted into the cyborg RoboCop 2 . ” People want paradise. They will have it. ”

What was the drug nuke in RoboCop 2?

The original and most widespread variant was Red Ramrod. Following Cain’s death, his brain was inserted into the cyborg, RoboCop 2, which, like Cain before it, was addicted to the substance. The tiny “container” that held the drug Nuke was actually a saline re-moisturizer for contact lens wearers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Who is the main antagonist in RoboCop 2?

Cain is the main antagonist in the 1990 film RoboCop 2. He is a drug addicted criminal who serves as the leader of the Nuke Cult. Violently insane, hopelessly addicted to Nuke and godlike in his delusions, Cain was a unpredictable and dangerous foe, with a capable and loyal following.

What did Juliette Faxx do to Cain in RoboCop?

Dr. Juliette Faxx, an unethical psychologist working for OCP, visited Cain in hospital. Here, after an unnerving talk with the patient and lying about him to a colleague about Cain already having died, she pulled the plug on his life support, intending to kill him and use his brain for her RoboCop 2 project.