What was the cordon sanitaire and why was it established?

In 1770 the Empress Maria Theresa set up a cordon sanitaire between Austria and the Ottoman Empire to prevent people and goods infected with plague from crossing the border. Cotton and wool were held in storehouses for weeks, with peasants paid to sleep on the bales and monitored to see if they showed signs of disease.

What is a cordon sanitaire in literature?

cordon sanitaire. / French (kɔrdɔ̃ sanitɛr) / noun. a guarded line serving to cut off an infected area. a line of buffer states, esp when protecting a nation from infiltration or attack.

What is the meaning of sanitaire?

sanitaires plural masculine noun. (= appareils) bathroom fittings. (= toilettes) toilets. détartrer les sanitaires to descale bathroom fittings ⧫ to clean the bathroom.

What does Cordon Bleu mean?

blue ribbon
History and Etymology for cordon bleu after earlier cordon bleu “exceptional cook,” borrowed from French, literally, “blue ribbon,” referring to the blue ribbon or sash worn by the Chevaliers du Saint-Esprit, the highest order of knighthood under the Bourbon kings.

How do you get cordon off an area?

: to prevent people from getting into (an area) by putting a line of people or objects around or in front of it Police cordoned off the street.

What is the meaning of prorogue use?

1 : defer, postpone. 2 : to terminate a session of (something, such as a British parliament) by royal prerogative. intransitive verb. : to suspend or end a legislative session. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About prorogue.

Why is it called chicken cordon bleu?

The truth is, while chicken cordon bleu gets its name from the French term for blue ribbon (denoting excellence), this dish actually stems from Switzerland. The base of this dish, the breaded chicken is commonly known around the world as schnitzel.

Who is a sybarite person?

noun. (usually lowercase) a person devoted to luxury and pleasure. an inhabitant of Sybaris.

What does cordon sanitaire mean?

Cordon sanitaire. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Cordon sanitaire (French pronunciation: ​[kɔʁdɔ̃ sanitɛʁ]) is a French phrase that, literally translated, means “sanitary cordon”. It originally denoted a barrier implemented to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

What is another word for cordon sanitaire?

Need synonyms for cordon sanitaire? Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Noun. Isolation. quarantine. isolation. confinement. detention. segregation.

What does sanitaire mean?

san·i·tar·y. (săn′ĭ-tĕr′ē) adj. 1. Of or relating to health or the protection of health. 2. Free from elements, such as filth or pathogens, that endanger health; hygienic: sanitary conditions for the preparation of food. [French sanitaire, from Latin sānitās, health; see sanity.] san′i·tar′i·ly (-târ′ə-lē) adv.