What was the El Jem Amphitheatre used for?

The amphitheater at El Djem was built by the Romans under proconsul Gordian, who was acclaimed emperor at Thysdrus around 238 and was mainly used for gladiator shows and small-scale chariot races. Many tourists come here to see what it was like to be inside what was once a place where lions and people met their fate.

Where is the Colosseum in Tunisia?

Amphitheatre of El Jem
The Amphitheatre of El Jem is an oval amphitheatre in the modern-day city of El Djem, Tunisia, formerly Thysdrus in the Roman province of Africa. It is listed by UNESCO since 1979 as a World Heritage Site.

Is there a Colosseum in Tunisia?

Located in a plain in the centre of Tunisia, this amphitheatre is built entirely of stone blocks, with no foundations and free-standing. In this respect it is modelled on the Coliseum of Rome without being an exact copy of the Flavian construction.

Is there a colosseum in Africa?

Description: The impressive ruins of the largest colosseum in North Africa, a huge amphitheatre which could hold up to 35,000 spectators, are found in the small village of El Jem. This 3rd-century monument illustrates the grandeur and extent of Imperial Rome.

How many Roman amphitheatres were there?

230 Roman amphitheatres
Roman amphitheatres are Roman theatres – large, circular or oval open-air venues with raised seating – built by the ancient Romans. They were used for events such as gladiator combats, venationes (animal slayings) and executions. About 230 Roman amphitheatres have been found across the area of the Roman Empire.

Are there Roman ruins in Tunisia?

Located in the northwest of Tunisia, about 100 miles from Tunis, the ruins of the formerly-prosperous Bulla Regia consist of former temples, a forum, public bath houses, a theater, and more that were built after the region became part of the Roman Empire in the first century AD.

When ancient Roman occupied what was DJEM called?

Located in the city of El Jem (or El Djem), which was known back in Roman times as Thysdrus, El Jem Amphitheatre was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1979.

What is the most famous Roman arena?

the Colosseum
The Flavian Amphitheatre in Rome, more generally known as the Colosseum, is the archetypal and the largest amphitheatre. Built from 72 to 80 AD, it remains as an icon of ancient Rome. Its building and arena dimensions are 188 × 156 and 86 × 54 meters respectively.

What is the biggest amphitheatre ever made?

Colosseum of Rome
The Flavian amphitheatre or Colosseum of Rome, Italy, completed in AD 80, covers 2 ha (5 acres) and has a capacity of 87,000. It has a maximum length of 187 m (612 ft) and a maximum width of 157 m (515 ft).

How long is the distance from Tunis to El Jem?

Distance from El Jem to Tunis. Distance between El Jem and Tunis is 176 kilometers (109 miles).

How many miles is El Jem Mahdia in Tunisia?

El Jem, Mahdia, Tunisia ↔ Tunis, Tunisia = 109 miles = 176 km.

How many people live in El Djem, Tunisia?

El Djem (Tunisian Arabic: الجمّ il jām; Latin Thysdrus) is a town in Mahdia Governorate, Tunisia, population 21,576 (2014 census).

What is the name of the town in Tunisia?

El Djem or El Jem (Tunisian Arabic: الجمّ, il-Jām) is a town in Mahdia Governorate, Tunisia.