What year did E46 get facelift?

E46 3-series BMWs were given a facelift for the 2004 model year, most noticeably with a restyled front end. The giveaway is the shape of the indicators: the pointed end moved from the bottom to the top, and the front wings were reshaped to suit.

How do I know if my E46 is a facelift?

Registered. look at the corner lights. on facelift you will notice they kinda curve up pretty much. on pre facelift you will notice they curve down.

Is the E46 going up in value?

Are E46 M3’s Going up in value? Yes, the BMW E46 M3 is already appreciating in value and will continue to do so.

How do I know if my BMW is a E46?

BMW Body Designations – Which “e” is my BMW? While at your BMW Service Center you might have overhead a lot of “e” words, and possibly some “f” and “s” words, but terms such as e36, e60 and e28 have a distinct meaning to BMW technicians and enthusiasts. For instance, if you have a 2003 330i, it is termed an e46.

What is pre-facelift?

Pre-Facelift is the earlier model and obviously the facelift is the updated model.

What is the difference between facelift and pre-facelift?

Registered. facelift are 11-plate models and newer, pre-facelift are 60-plate and older. as far as i know parts are generally not interchangeable in terms of bodywork, as bumpers etc are differently shaped (moreso front with fog lights etc).

Is an E46 a good investment?

Great Sound And Handling The other reasons include the sound the car makes, the handling and the price. All of them are valid points as to why this is a best buy these days. Prices for mint E46 M3 models have been going up recently and this might actually turn out to be a good investment on the long run.

Is the BMW E46 a future classic?

No the E46 will not BECOME a classic in the FUTURE. It already is a classic and has been for some time.

How long will a BMW E46 last?

If properly maintained, you can probably expect to get about 100,000 miles out of the typical E46 before major repairs start to become an issue. This is true of nearly all cars, however. Once you hit the 100k area, you’ll need to replace things like water pumps, clutches, hoses, batteries and so forth.

Welche Schwachstellen hat der BMW E46?

Wie jedes Fahrzeug hat auch der BMW E46 gewisse Schwachstellen bei der Konstruktion, wobei die meisten Probleme im Laufe der Jahre von BMW schrittweise verbessert und behoben wurden. Diese Schwachstellen sind unter anderem: Das Differential ist bei manchen Gebrauchtfahrzeugen undicht und neigt dann im Schiebebetrieb zum Heulen.

Was waren die Produktionsstätten der BMW E46?

BMW E46. Die Produktion der E46-Modelle fand im Stammwerk München-Milbertshofen und den Werken Leipzig, Regensburg sowie Rosslyn (Südafrika) statt. Weitere Hersteller waren die Brilliance Motors in Shenyang (China), die Bavarian Auto Group in der Stadt des 6. Oktobers (Ägypten) und die Avtotor in Kaliningrad (Russland).

Wie unterscheidet sich der BMW E46 von anderen Bauformen?

Äußerlich unterscheidet sich der Compact am Heck und an der Front von den anderen Bauformen. Der BMW E46 war zu seiner Zeit eines der meistverkauften Fahrzeuge. Mit ihm wurden zudem bei BMW die modernen direkteinspritzenden Dieselmotoren eingeführt, die damals Maßstäbe in der Leistung und Laufkultur setzten.

Welche Hersteller gab es für den BMW 3er?

Weitere Hersteller waren BMW Brilliance Automotive in Shenyang (China), die Bavarian Auto Group in der Stadt des 6. Oktobers (Ägypten) und die Avtotor in Kaliningrad (Russland). Die vierte Generation des BMW 3er, der BMW E46 erschien Ende April 1998.