When did the movie Mustang come out in theaters?

Mustang premiered at the Directors’ Fortnight section of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival on 19 May 2015. In France, it was released on 17 June 2015 and had 505,223 admissions.

What happens at the match in the movie Mustang?

Back home, their aunt catches a glimpse of them at the match on TV, just as their uncle and other village men are about to tune in. To prevent the men from finding out, she cuts the house’s, and then the whole village’s, electricity. When the girls return, their grandmother decides to start marrying the sisters off.

What kind of awards did the movie Mustang win?

It was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It received nine nominations at the 41st César Awards, and won four, for Best First Feature Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Original Music. Mustang has received widespread critical praise.

Where was the football scene in Mustang filmed?

The film was shot in and around the Black Sea coastal town of İnebolu, 600 kilometers from Istanbul. The football scene was acted at an actual match where no adult men were allowed to attend.

Who is the truck driver in the movie Mustang?

On one impulsive attempt to walk to Istanbul alone she is encountered by Yasin, the truck driver, who is kind to her. At Lale’s request, he later teaches her how to drive. When she is caught on the way back into her house, the house is again reinforced to try to make it impossible for them to leave.

Who are the main characters in the movie Mustang?

Mustang has received widespread critical praise. The film starts with Lale, the youngest of the five sisters and the protagonist, bidding an emotional farewell at school to her female teacher, who is moving to Istanbul. The sisters decide to walk home instead of taking a van, to enjoy the sunny day.

What happens at the end of the play Mustang?

The immorality of their play sets off a scandal that has unexpected consequences. The family home is progressively transformed into a prison; instruction in homemaking replaces school and marriages start being arranged.