When did U2 tour Australia?

August 1984
Beginning in August 1984 with the band’s first tour to Australia and New Zealand, the tour spanned four further legs which included 43 concerts in Europe and 50 in North America.

When did BB King tour with U2?

The tour opened in Sydney Australia on September 21, 1989, and finished in Rotterdam on January 10, 1990, a replacement show for one that had been cancelled. 47 concerts were played in total. B.B.King and his band would join U2 each night as an opening act and would later return to perform in an encore with the band.

What year did U2 perform on November 11 in Sydney Australia?

Tour dates

Date City Country
Leg 1: Oceania and Asia
11 November 1989 Auckland New Zealand
17 November 1989 Sydney Australia
18 November 1989

Is U2 coming to Australia?

U2 will perform the album in full, plus a collection of their biggest and most loved hits. The Australian tour starts at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium. Melbourne’s Mavel Stadium will host U2 on November 15.

Why is U2 hated?

In other words, the nation’s dislike of U2 is classic Irish begrudgery – the phenomenon that Irish people are predisposed to feel envy and resentment towards those who achieve a certain level of success. Harry Browne, author of The Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power), believes this theory has some credence.

Is U2 going to tour again?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for U2 scheduled in 2021.

Did BB King come to Australia?

Guitar genius BB King will tour Melbourne and Sydney in April, 2011. It’s been over 20 years since the Mississippi born and bread King of Blues last come to Australia. Finally, the BB drought is over.

Who sang When Love Comes to Town with U2?

B.B. King
When Love Comes To Town/Artists

When did U2 play in Sydney?

November 1993
The band’s two November 1993 concerts in Sydney were filmed on consecutive nights as part of the television broadcast.

How much will U2 tickets cost?

Typically, U2 tickets can be found for as low as $76.00, with an average price of $177.00.

Is U2 overrated?

“U2 are easily the most overrated band in history,” Francis says. “The fact they’re still the biggest band in the world says a lot about the calibre of bands that are around today. They’ve let the ‘holier than thou’ persona take over. They’re so overblown and pompous.