When Ram Nandan Committee appointed?

The term was introduced by the Sattanathan Commission in 1971, which directed that the “creamy layer” should be excluded from the reservations (quotas) of civil posts. It was also identified later by Justice Ram Nandan Committee in 1993.

What is the Ram Nandan committee?

Which of the following Commission identified the creamy layer among backward classes?

Ram Nandan Committee was appointed to identify the creamy layer among the OBC’s.

Who is eligible for non creamy layer?

Eligibility Criteria Considering the parent’s income, it divides into Creamy and Non-Creamy Layer. If the income is above 8 lakh, the person will come under the Creamy Layer. If the income is below 8 lakhs, the person will come under Non-Creamy Layer.

Is Thapa a OBC?

Thapa is a surname belonging to both Indo-Aryan “Chhetri” ethnicity and Tibeto-Burmese “Magar” ethnicity. they generallybelong to the Chhetri(Kshatriya) caste of Khas group. They can also be linguistically be placed in OBC class.

What is the income limit for non-creamy layer?

If a total family income is less than the 8 lakh per annum limit, the family is considered to be in non-creamy OBC category.

How can I get non-creamy layer certificate?

To apply for the certificate, the applicant has to:

  1. Buy an Rs. 20 Stamp Paper.
  2. Procure an affidavit from the Notary Advocate.
  3. Attach the required documents signed by either the parent or guardian.
  4. Submit to the VAO.
  5. Consequently, from VAO, it is passed on to the RI and finally to the Tahsildar.

Is Chhetri a Rajput?

Chhetri belong to Hindu Kshatriya community based in Nepal but have roots in India. They are the warrior and ruler caste group, who speak Khasa Nepali.

Is Thapa a low caste?

Who was the chairman of the Committee on Panchayati raj?

In December 1977, the Janata Government appointed a committee on panchayati raj institutions under the chairmanship of Ashok Mehta. It submitted its report in August 1978 and made 132 recommendations to revive and strengthen the declining panchayati raj system in the country.

Who was the chairman of the Santhanam Committee?

The establishment of the CBI was recommended by the Santhanam Committee on Prevention of Corruption (1962 -1964). The Rural-Urban Relationship Committee (1963–66) headed by A P Jain recommended that small town area committees should be merged with the panchayati raj institutions to avoid multiplicity in the pattern of local bodies

Who is head of second Administrative Reforms Commission of India?

Second Administrative Reforms Commission of India Report on Ethics in Governance (2007). It was headed by Veerappa Moily. Tankha Committee was appointed in 2010 to look into the whole gamut of the election laws and electoral reforms.

Who is the chairman of the district level planning committee?

Hanumantha Rao Committee on district level planning, appointed by Planning Commission in September 1982. The Committee on Administrative Arrangement for Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation Programmes under the chairmanship of G.V.K. Rao was appointed by the Planning Commission in 1985.