When was OWAE marae built?

The first whare on site was opened in 1887 and named Te Whai-tara-nui-a-Ngārue. Additional houses are Tamatāne (opened in 1932) and Te Ikaroa-a-Māui (opened in 1936). The wharekai, opened in 1921, is named Tamawahine. The marae is on the site of the historic Manukorihi pā.

What happened at Waitara in Taranaki?

17 March 1860 The opening shots of the first Taranaki War were fired when British troops attacked a pā built by Te Āti Awa chief Te Rangitāke at Te Kohia, Waitara. Te Rangitāke (also known as Wiremu Kīngi) denied the validity of the sale and his supporters erected a flagstaff to mark their boundary.

What is the full name of Waitara?

Bailey said Whare Matangi is said to have followed the path of a dart he threw in order to find his father, who was living in what is now known as Waitara. She said the longer form of the town’s original name is Ko Whai-tara-nui-a-Whare-Matangi-ki-te-kimi-tana-matua-a-Ngarue but was shortened to Whai-tara.

What is Waitara famous for?

Waitara was the site of the outbreak of the Taranaki Wars in 1860 following the attempted purchase of land for British settlers from its Māori owners. Disputes over land that was subsequently confiscated by the Government continue to this day.

Where was OWAE marae built?

Owae Marae, on the northern side of the Waitara River, is the central marae for Te Atiawa-nui-tonu. The hapu of the marae are Manukorihi, Ngati Rahiri and Ngati Te Whiti, Puketapu, Otaraua and Pukerangiora. The Wharenui Whai Tara was built in 1886, and is the oldest building within the marae complex.

Who caused the Taranaki war?

The war was sparked by a dispute between the government and Māori landowners over the sale of a property at Waitara, but spread throughout the region.

How did Waitara get its name?

Originally known as Raleigh, the township was established in 1867. In 1904 it was renamed Waitara after the river. For most of the 20th century Waitara’s economy was based on the large Borthwick’s freezing works, which opened in 1885. Named after river.

How do you spell Waitara?

Waitara is in the parish of South Colah and the shire of Hornsby. The name was suggested by Miles McRae, Commissioner for Railways, who owned land called Waitara near Hurstville. [1] The name comes from the Māori word meaning ‘pure water’.

Is Waitara a good place to live?

Waitara is a small suburb in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. This is an up-and-coming area that’s seen consistently rising home prices and has made various “best suburb” lists for its liveability and walkability. Because it is in high demand homes don’t change hands often here.

What is there to do in Waitara?

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Who won the Taranaki war?

Historian James Belich has claimed that the Māori succeeded in thwarting the British bid to impose sovereignty over them, and had therefore been victorious. But he said the Māori victory was a hollow one, leading to the invasion of the Waikato….First Taranaki War.

Date 17 March 1860 – 18 March 1861
Result Indecisive