Where are DENSO starter motors made?

Nippon Denso Starter Motor Its headquarters are in Japan and is involved in numerous volunteer projects and CSR activities. One of the parts manufactured by Denso is the starter motor. The starter motors made by Denso are well known for their power and this has seen them adapted for use in racing vehicles.

Is DENSO a good starter?

Fantastic starter! Denso is a high quality manufacturer who provides Toyota with many of their original parts. Although I was hesitant to purchase a “remanufactured” starter, I discovered that this is the same unit they use as replacement at the dealership, but at about half the price!

What is a DENSO style alternator?

DENSO alternators are light weight, high efficiency, and durable under the most grueling conditions making them the natural choice in many of the world’s top production cars. Segment conductor technology has allowed DENSO to further reduce the unit size while increasing output from a low rpm.

Where is DENSO made?

DENSO Corporation (株式会社デンソー, Kabushiki-Gaisha Densō) is a global automotive components manufacturer headquartered in the city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan….Denso.

Industry Auto and Truck parts
Founded December 16, 1949
Headquarters Kariya, Aichi, Japan

Are Mitsubishi starters good?

If you’re looking for the best starters for your commercial vehicles, you should be looking at Mitsubishi starters. Their lighter weight, top quality manufacturing, and lengthy warranty protection are combined to bring you a superior starter that no other manufacturer can offer.

Are Lucas starters any good?

They are very good heavy duty reliable starter motors. In 40 years, I’ve never seen one actually fail outright, but I’ve met many an MG person who has replaced, repaired or rebuilt them.

How much is a Denso starter?

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  • How long do Denso alternators last?

    The average longevity of an alternator is seven years or about 150,000 miles.

    Are Denso alternators any good?

    DENSO alternators are not only original equipment on many of the world’s top production cars; they are a favorite in motorsports as well, where their light weight, high efficiency, and durability under the most grueling conditions make them the natural choice.

    Is Denso made in China?

    They are all made in China now,even the one’s you get from Toyota.

    How to find Denso parts for a car?

    Search for DENSO equivalent part numbers against other Manufacturers part numbers. Select your make, model and product type to search for available DENSO parts. Our experience as an original equipment supplier to the worlds major car manufacturers gives our aftermarket product range a significant advantage;

    Why do we need a company like Denso?

    DENSO’s solutions will help people feel peace-of-mind in their everyday lives whenever and wherever they are. Our future is shaped and driven by people. This is why DENSO has a strong focus on individual growth development and advancement.

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