Where are the stunt jumps in GTA IV?

List of all stunt jumps

Jump #! Jump Description
01 Franklin Street, eastbound, straight ahead as the street turns 90° south.
02 Morris Street, westbound, straight ahead at the junction of Concord Avenue.
03 Concord Avenue, northbound, construction trash dumpster on the right side of the blocked road.

What are all the stunt jumps in GTA?

Location of all stunt jumps in GTA 5

  • Location 1: Vinewood Hills.
  • Location 2: Little Seoul.
  • Location 3: North Calafia Way.
  • Location 4: Paleto Bay.
  • Location 5: Raton Pass.
  • Location 6: Elgin Avenue Parking Garage.
  • Location 7: Parking Garage on Peaceful Street.
  • Location 8: Del Perro Freeway Overpass.

Where can I find motorcycles in GTA 4?

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • A motorcycle dealership stocking both the F and RR variants is located in Westdyke, Alderney.
  • Two NRG 900s can be found at Francis International Airport.
  • The NRG 900 is common in all of Liberty City.
  • Can appear more often driving a Coquette.
  • The NRG 900 can also be spawned by dialing (625)-555-0100.

What is the easiest stunt jump in GTA 5?

Five easiest stunt jumps in GTA Online

  • #5 – Vespucci Boulevard. (Timestamp 16:00) For this jump, players are recommended to use a Bati 801 as cars can go off-center and land awkwardly.
  • #4 – Little Seoul. (Timestamp 15:23)
  • #3 – La Puerta Freeway. (Timestamp 14:35)
  • #2 – Pillbox Hill. (Timestamp 18:24)

What is the fastest bike in GTA 4?

NRG 900
The NRG 900 is the fastest bike in Grand Theft Auto IV, but is outpaced by the newer bikes introduced in The Lost and Damned.

Do stunt jumps in GTA Online Count?

They do not count towards each other, however they both do count towards the achievement/trophy.