Where can I find Willow Pape?

If you play as a female, you will meet Dirk Diamonds in A Meet and Greet. If you play as a male, you will meet Willow Pape in A Meet and Greet. flirt with Dirk and Willow if they are not your rivals.

Who is Willow Pape based off?

There is a theory going around that Willow Pape is at least partially based on Paris Hilton, Kim K’s former BFF. One clue, other than her blond hair, is that she wears an outfit just like one Paris Hilton was photographed in a while back.

Can I date Raul in KKH?

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Twitter: “If you flirted with Raul when you first met him, then you can date him eventually… “

How do you get energy fast in KK?

To get unlimited energy, shut your game down and go to Settings on your device. Turn off the Automatic Date & Time option. Go to your device’s clock and set the time forward 30 to 60 minutes. When you open your game back up, your energy should be refilled.

Can your partner cheat on you in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

According to a Chapter Cheats update about KK: H marriage, you can, in fact, get divorced from your spouse in KK: H. But you have to cheat on them first. Here’s what Kardashian game-player Sara had to say: You can cheat but after you go on a date with someone he’ll call you and ask for a divorce.

Can I date Cassio in Kim Kardashian?

You cannot date Cassio unfortunately. He’ll flirt with you in the game but it won’t give you an option to date him or Raul.

Can you cheat in KKH?

Can you date Cassio in KKH?

Can you date Cassio on Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

Can I date Cassio?

Is the character Willow Pape based on a real person?

Many have wondered if Willow Pape is based on a real person, like oh I don’t know, Paris Hilton? It would make sense, she is a blonde also-famous person, and Kim and Paris famously feuded around the time Paris started to be overshadowed by her former assistant.

Do you get kicked out of Willow Pape party?

YIKES. According to Twitter and the Chapter Cheats boards, you should not do it. You’ll lose one million fans and get kicked out of the party. Violence is not the answer!

What did Willow Pape do to my Avatar?

Ah, Willow Pape. The Pape. She e-dragged my avatar’s fashion choices through the e-mud. She attacked my avatar for talking to her ex. She attempts to snatch away my avatar’s gigs on the reg. She’s picked fight after fight with my avatar in public. The Pape is a most unpleasant foe.

What’s the best way to deal with a willow Pape?

When asked if you want to toss a glass of booze-a-hol at The Pape’s face, follow your heart. Chuck that beverage and reap the rewards. I’ve noticed that when I choose to be rude to The Pape, my fan base receives a boost.