Where can I play Slender Man for free?

Slender Man is a cool online horror game with the creepy supernatural character and you can play it online and for free on Silvergames.com. You have already heard about this thin unnaturally tall humanoid without a face who kills his victims out in the woods. Today it’s payback time and you have to go to the forest and look for that creepy bastard.

Is there a Slenderman the eight pages game?

Or, save the creepy trip to the woods, and download Slender: the Eight Pages first-person survival horror game instead. Slenderman doesn’t have a generations-old backlog of sightings and stories.

What do you need to know about slender games?

The game is about Slender, in which you have to play with friends. The goal is simple: collect all the pages until you are caught by Slender. Its the biggest Slender Game that ever has been created! The Objective is: Collect 20 Pages and return to the Spawn to Escape.

How many maps are there in Slender Man?

The game includes three completely different maps and a bonus feature with different effects and a progression system that keeps encouraging you to play the game. Your goal is to collect all the eight pages but remember that Slender Man might be right around the corner.

Is the game Slender based on a true story?

Slender (known as Slender: The Eight Pages as of v0.9.7) is an independently-developed concept game based on the Slender Man mythos. The game centers around an unknown character being chased by the Slender Man in the woods while seeking eight pages scattered about various landmarks. The game was created by Mark J. Hadley as an experiment.

Is the Slender Man in slender 8 pages real?

This article discusses content originating from the video game Slender: The 8 Pages and thus is confirmed to be fictional. Characters and organizations discussed are either entirely fictitious or are portrayed by voice actors/actors. This article is about the video game. For the entity, see Slender Man.

What happens when you stand still on Slender Man?

When you stand still the Slender Man will be standing right next to you. In v0.9.7, after four minutes of not getting a page, the music will start suddenly and Slender Man will attack you. In 0.9.7, after you collect 8 pages, Slender Man teleports in front of you and captures you, much like in Slenderman’s Shadow games.