Where can I study archaeology in Europe?

Top Colleges To Study Archeology In Europe

  • The University Of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
  • The University Of Oxford, Oxford, UK.
  • UCL, London, UK.
  • Durham University, Durham, UK.
  • Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
  • The University of Patras, Greece.

Which college has the best archaeology program?

List of Best Archaeology Schools in The World

  • Columbia University.
  • Stanford University.
  • University of York.
  • Durham University.
  • UCL (University College London)
  • Harvard University.
  • University of California, Berkeley.
  • University of Oxford.

Is archaeology a useless degree?

However, following having gained a degree in archaeology or anthropology, if you then intend on following a career in business then a degree in archaeology is not generally deemed to be of any great use. This isn’t to say that a degree in archaeology or anthropology is worthless, it isn’t at all.

Can you go to college for archaeology?

The minimum amount of education needed to work in the field of archaeology is a 4-year college degree (BA or BS). Usually archaeologists major in anthropology or archaeology. A field school is generally a credit-based course where students learn and take part in active archaeological field- and lab-based research.

Where can I study Archaeology?

Schools with Archaeology Programs

College/University Location Degrees Offered
University of Missouri Columbia, MO Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral
Brigham Young University Provo, UT Bachelor’s
New York University New York, NY Bachelor’s
University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Bachelor’s

What are archaeologists?

Archaeology is the study of the ancient and recent human past through material remains. Archaeologists might study the million-year-old fossils of our earliest human ancestors in Africa. Archaeology analyzes the physical remains of the past in pursuit of a broad and comprehensive understanding of human culture.

Which country is best for archeology?

The US is the best-represented country in the archaeology ranking, with 21 entries.

Is Archaeology a stable job?

Archaeology can be a great career, but it doesn’t pay very well, and there are distinct hardships to the life. Many aspects of the job are fascinating, though—in part because of the exciting discoveries that can be made.

Is Archaeology a good career?

Archaeology is one of the best courses that you can choose for a bright career in the future. Archaeology is the study of the ancient or recent human past through material remains. It is also a sub-discipline of Anthropology, which is the study of all human cultures.

How do I get a job in Archaeology?

  1. Get a bachelor’s degree. The first step for aspiring archaeologists is to complete a bachelor’s program in anthropology or a related field such as history or geography.
  2. Participate in an internship.
  3. Earn a master’s degree.
  4. Consider a doctorate.
  5. Seek employment.

Which is the best Archaeology University in Europe?

European entries just outside the top 10 (see above) include Germany’s Freie Universität Berlin (11 th ), France’s Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (12 th ), the UK’s University of Sheffield (joint 13 th) and Italy’s Sapienza – Università di Roma (15 th ).

Where can I go for a summer course in archaeology?

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania is offering a 6-week Forensic Archaeology Field School (ANTH 481) from 3 July–15 August 2021. Students will receive training on geophysical…

What can you do with archaeology and English Literature degree?

The joint honours degree in English Literature and Archaeology provides you with the opportunity of specialising in two university honours… Discover how human civilisations evolved, and why people and societies have changed over time. Through the latest techniques and technologies,…