Where can I watch full episodes of Walang Hanggan?

And nine years after its highly successful run, we are given another chance to witness the eternal love of star-crossed lovers Katerina Alcantara and Daniel Guidotti this 2021 as ABS-CBN Entertainment streams its full episodes on its official YouTube channel through YouTube Super Stream!

When was Walang Hanggan aired?

Walang Hanggan (2012 TV series)

Walang Hanggan
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release 16 January – 26 October 2012
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How old is Julia Montes now?

26 years (March 19, 1995)
Julia Montes/Age

How old is Coco Martin?

39 years (November 1, 1981)
Coco Martin/Age

Is Julia Montes a twin in real life?

The answer is yes. Both Sara and Kara are played by the same person, Kapamilya actress Julia Montes. In most shows that have twin characters, it is not easy to find actors who are twins in real life and who are both good actors. The production team therefore opts to cast one person who plays both roles.

Is Julia Montes father deaf?

“This is what an amazing dad looks like,” she wrote as her greeting for him. Montes’ management, Cornerstone Entertainment, shared more photos about how she spent Father’s Day with her dad. In an uploaded video, the actress was seen communicating with him through sign language, as he was born deaf-mute.

Is Coco Martin a billionaire?

Coco Martin net worth: Coco Martin is a Filipino actor who has a net worth of $20 million dollars….Coco Martin Net Worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Profession: Actor, Model, Film Producer, Screenwriter
Nationality: Philippines

Who is Coco Martin in real life?

Rodel Pacheco Nacianceno
Rodel Pacheco Nacianceno (born November 1, 1981), known professionally in acting as Coco Martin, is a Filipino actor, director, and film producer best known for playing the lead roles in Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, Walang Hanggan, Ikaw Lamang, Juan dela Cruz and FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Are Sara and Kara really twins?

The story revolves around identical twin sisters, Kara and Sara, who grew up in a happy family in spite of being poor and whose lives will be intertwined because of love, identity, deceit, ambition, and wealth when destiny teasingly compels to separate their lives.

Who is the richest Filipino Celebrity 2020?


# Name Net worth (USD)
1 Sy siblings $13.9 billion
2 Manny Villar $5 billion
3 Enrique K. Razon $4.3 billion
4 Lance Gokongwei and siblings $4.1 billion

Is Julia Montes dating Coco Martin?

Julia, who has been romantically linked with Coco Martin for several years now, said that it’s her and her boyfriend’s personal choice not to publicize their relationship. “Personal choice namin ‘yun.

When does Walang Hanggan season 1 come out?

Season 1 S1, Ep1 16 Jan. 2012 Love and Trust Will Be Tested All Throughout Eternity 8.3(22) 0 Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 4 Rate 5

Who are the main characters in Walang Hanggan?

Meanwhile, laborer William Alcantara (Joel Torre) settle in Olivarez with his children Katerina (Julia Montes) and Tomas (Joem Bascon). He adopts a streetboy named Daniel (Coco Martin) while working at the Cruz family business, where Virginia assumes a role as his adoptive grandmother.

Why did Emily go to jail in Walang Hanggan?

Through Margaret’s interference, Emily is sent to jail causing Herman to die of heart attack. Virginia finds out about Margaret’s plans and the siblings have a heated argument. Joseph tries to comfort Virginia and Margaret overhears about Virginia and Joseph’s past that was kept to her for so long.

Who are the Cruz sisters in Walang Hanggan?

Cruz sisters Virginia (Susan Roces) and Margaret (Helen Gamboa) vie for the love of Joseph Montenegro (Eddie Garcia) in the fictional province of Olivarez. Virginia had to sacrifice everything to let Margaret live a better life with Joseph.