Where did Hudson go on his first voyage?

First Voyage (1607) At the time, Hudson and others thought that the long summer days of the high Arctic might create an ice-free zone at the top of the world. Hudson was able to sail above Spitsbergen, one of the islands of Svalbard, an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole.

Did Henry Hudson find the Northwest Passage?

Henry Hudson was an English navigator and explorer who set out to find either a northeast passage “by the North Pole to Japan and China” or a similar northwest passage. Though neither passage was found, his attempts contributed significantly to the navigational geography of North America.

Did Hudson explore the St Lawrence River?

In 1603, he was part of an expedition that explored the St. Lawrence River. They were hoping to find the Northwest Passage a waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Another important person was Henry Hudson.

What parts did Henry Hudson explore?

Henry Hudson did not succeed in reaching Asia; however, he did explore the North Atlantic Ocean, Greenland, Iceland, parts of North America, and he famously sailed up the Hudson River as far as current-day Albany, New York.

Who finally found the Northwest Passage?

The many searches for the missing explorer John Franklin led to the discovery of all the Arctic waterways. The knowledge gained from these voyages helped Amundsen to finally cross the Northwest Passage in 1903-06.

Did they ever find Henry Hudson?

Since Hudson’s body was never found, however, it will never be known for sure whether the captain was murdered or given a more subtle death sentence, set adrift in the harsh environment of northern Canada.

Did Henry Hudson go to Harvard?

He attended Harvard University and studied a variety of subjects including navigation, seamanship, astronomy, mathematics and cartography. His third expedition was financed by the Dutch East India Company and his ship was named the Half Moon. Hudson’s fourth and last expedition was financed by the Virginia Company.

Do ships sail the Northwest Passage?

Five general cargo ships and five passenger ships made a full transit through the Northwest Passage, a series of routes snaking through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago between the Baffin Bay in the east and the Beaufort Sea in the west.

Where did Henry Hudson go on his voyage?

Henry Hudson made several voyages along upper North America and into the Arctic while searching for the Northwest Passage route to Asia Click on the world map to view an example of the explorer’s voyage. Click on either the map icons or on the location name in the expanded column to view more information about that place or event

Where did Henry Hudson find the two channels?

While in Amsterdam gathering supplies, Hudson heard reports of two possible channels running across North America to the Pacific. One was located around latitude 62° N (based on English explorer Captain George Weymouth’s 1602 voyage); the second, around latitude 40° N, had been recently reported by Captain John Smith.

Why did Henry Hudson think the north passage would be warmer?

It was a theory of several geographers of his day that – because of the constant sunshine – the Arctic actually got warmer the further north you went. They reasoned the sun would melt the ice at the poles, and if you sailed due north, you’d eventually reach open water. Sadly, this was not the case. Click image for a map of this voyage.

How did Henry Hudson get his ship rank?

Hudson must have earned his rank by serving on previous ships and probably worked his way up from cabin boy, learning navigation, cooking, handling sails, reading the weather and caring for a ship long before he had his own command.